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I want to go faster.
By hairbear31
Hey guys,

This is my first build on upgrading my kids Ninja Turtle van. It's a Kid Trax brand and I need some help. Basically I want to to have more power and go faster. Does that come hand in hand? would I just need to buy a 24 V or 36 V battery? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

By PushDaButton
Basically I want to to have more power and go faster.
Define 'go faster'. That's a 6 volt ride-on toy to start off. Probably around 2.5-3 MPH. How much faster do you want to go, how much do you want to spend to get there?

Your first thought was to take it to 24-36 volts. That's 10-18 MPH. For reference, you can probably run around 9-10 MPH in a dead sprint.

What are your skill levels in the following?

1) Tools and general fix-it skills?
2) Electrical knowledge?
3) Ability to learn from a YouTube video?
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