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I want to go faster.
Hey guys, I'm a new user, super happy that I found this forum and all of you guys. My son is turning 2 and I want to surprise him with a ride on. I am a young dad who is completely clueless about electronics and wiring and anything related to this but I want to start.

I'm planning to buy him this BMW i8 by BigToysGreenCountry. ... ther-seat/
It's a 12V battery and has an upgraded 8k motor.(no idea what that means)

I've heard that the batteries in this toys don't last long and require a long time to charge for very little run time. I want to make his ride on a bit faster (5-8 MPH) and have a battery that is durable, reliable and easy to charge so I can get my moneys worth with this thing.

Can anyone help me with:
1. Recommendations on how to start.
2. The type of battery/motor i'll need to build a car stated above.
3. Tips on how to maintain it.
4. Anything else that might have flew by me because I'm sure a lot of things did!!

Thank you guys! So glad to have found this forum. It's exactly what I needed! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Without knowing the amp hour rating of the stock battery it's hard to say what you need for more run time. Increasing speed will require more voltage, faster motors or different gearboxes. I know nothing about that car but I bet the accessories are what run the batteries down faster. Once you find out what size (amp hour) the battery is, you can buy an automatic battery charger/maintainer to match the battery and provide a faster charge to cut down on charge time. Keep the charge amp hour rating to no more than 1/3 of the amp hour rating of the battery. For example a 12v 12 amp hour (AH) rated battery should not be charged at a rate any higher than 3-4 amps max. You can always buy a larger AH rated battery for more run time.

Be careful. That car certainly has a circuit board that will not like modifications to increased voltages. If he is 2, 5mph will probably keep him entertained until he outgrows the size of that car.
Thank you for replying!
So from what I understand I need to first:
1. Find out the specs of the car, specifically the AH of the battery. Noted. I will call and maybe ask for the specs on a business day.
2. The car does have a lot of extra features that like you said may not like the modifications to increase voltage. That makes a ton of sense. I don't mind about the speed really, more about the lessening the charge time and having the battery last long.

My only questions from the tips you've given me are where can I buy an automatic battery charger/maintainer and what is a good example of one that is good for ride on cars? And if I were happy with the stock speed of the car, than all I really would need to do would be to buy the automatic battery charger/maintainer so that it would charge fast, and maybe an extra battery so that I can always have one that is ready to go and therefore skip modifying anything all together?
Yes, everything you said is true.
First step would be to just buy the car that you want for your son. Get it home and try it out. You might be happy with everything stock. Don't get ahead of yourself. Some kids don't like ride-ons. If I knew then what I know now I would have never bought a new one. buying a used one and modding it with your child is much more fun and the memories are priceless. If you want to buy a good universal charger I suggest a schumacher brand auto charger. They have many models and it would be worth your time to browse their website. Walmart sells some of their chargers for under $30.
Decide on which car to purchase, check it out for yourself (don't rely on reviews) and then mod from there. I know the excitement is killing you but a little patience and a lot of observation will pay off huge dividends. welcome to the addiction and keep us posted on the car. Your experiences could help another member. you are part of it now. ;)
+100 ;)
Bought the car. (Pics and reviews in the reviews section). So the car is powered by two 6V 7Ah batteries. would you guys recommend that I switch it to two 6V 12 amph batteries for more power and speed? the reason im picking this battery for now is because the user Wired said that the car might have a pretty crazy circuit board and upgrading the voltage might mess the car up? not entirely sure though. the car only goes about 2-5 mph right now and it would be cool if i could get it up to around 7. ... ah-battery
Ah is duration, so get yourself the greatest thing that will fit, AFTER you measure the voltage AT the board! It's possible that the manufacturer has weight displacement in mind, and used 2 batteries for that reason? I dunno what ride we're talking about, but if the batteries are running in series, you can simply order a 12V instead. You won't know until you check.
So measure the voltage on the circuit board using a multimeter first to see what it can hold? Then get the highest amp power within that voltage power? Would you know wheree the circuit board is usually located? The ride is a BMW i8 with full functioning dash. ... ther-seat/

I think the batteries are running in series. Since it is a 12v car and the car came with two 6v batteries. The only way to get it to 12v would be to wire in series.
Well, it's not what "it can hold" but what voltage is provided. It is by far cheaper to go buy a meter than a new board! IF their in series, they're 12 volt 12 ah. But you want to ensure that the 2 wires from battery A tie in opposite of the 2 wires from battery B, and ONLY go to 2 wires STRAIGHT to the board. It's possible that the motor board is 12V, but the sounds are 6V.
But no matter, you can keep the current setup, and add to the duration by exceeding the ah ratings for new batteries.
I'd check that there even is a board first.
I've got a flashy one and every thing is done with resistors .
As I cannot be asked to go around soldediering new resistors on to it .I've simply brought bigger motors. So I've gone from 12000 rpm motors to 30000 rpm motors.
Then buy 2 ×12 volt battery's I belive they are 10ah each so 10ah. Atm he's go 2 6v with 4ah so basicly 12v with 2ah ya dead in like 30 mins great idea from a Chinese manufacturer haha . I think a motor with gearbox is easier to do than upping the voltage personally. But I'm also a clueless dad when it comes to motors. Not as bad with electrical components I mean I could solider all those parts but yeah . Haha oh whilst typing this. I realised that most of the items are probably rated 10-25 volts haha. Same as a car
Any ways check it's even got a board.
Don't worry if it's an RC board the voltage won't do anything to that. Unless it's wired up wrong haha
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