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I want to go faster.
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By Ben gough
Hey guys been searching the Web like mad
Got a standered ride on car from maplins
Pushed it when it was dead burnt the motor out . ( good news for me because me and the kid wanted it to go quicker anyways .
So I've brought bigger motors
It came with 490 12000 rpm with 6 plum gear box
Now I've got on order 550 30000rpm with 6 plum gear box
Both 12v ( I will fit 24 at a later date)
My question is I haven't got a clue of the rpm after gear box so I cannot work out if it's gonna go any faster or the new gear box will just go at 2 mpg as well. Anyone go any ideas the wheels are 215mm dia.
Main question is . Is a bigger motor going to make it faster or is it just going to have more horse power.
Also what on earth is 6 plumb
And where do I get some ruber tires that will fit six plum . Thank you for you're time.
All advice is appreciated this is the ride on in question ... -car-n52ef

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