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I want to go faster.
By brodieb666
I have two, 6v, single motor, single gb ride-ons that I was thinking of adding a second battery and a turbo boost switch to.
One is a PW Lightning Mcqueen with the gearbox in the center of the rear axle, powering both wheels.
The second is a black quad (make and model unknown), with the gearbox attached to the right side wheel.

I've seen other posts were people were advised not to make a single motor vehicle 12v, but if the 12v is only active via a turbo switch, the wear on the gearbox should be greatly reduced, right?
Thoughts? Anything I'm overlooking?

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By taz11
The two wheel drive one.....just add the battery. The other one, I would recommend another gearbox, they tend to torque to one side with only one.
By brodieb666
Looking at the quad, it looks like adding a second ghat and motor would require a lot of cutting. I wonder if it would still have structural integrity. This is the quad:
20170428_223751-640x480.jpg (67.57 KiB) Viewed 1547 times
20170428_223759-480x640.jpg (84.07 KiB) Viewed 1547 times
has anyone done something similar?

Would the non- driven wheel have the part necessary to attach the gearboc to?

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