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I want to go faster.
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By RangeRover
Hi All,
We purchased a range rover for my daughter a couple of years ago and now shes saying its too slow for was music to my ears even though the Mrs gave me the look of "leave it alone"! The upgrade will also benefit my son who is 3 and wanting a go

so we have one of these, just so we are all on the same page... ... de-on.html

im looking to get more speed;
So what options do i have and where can i get them from?
Do these cars have gearboxes and if so, can i get away with putting a 2 speed gearbox in? (thinking back to my petrol RC - 2 speed gearbox made a massive difference)
The car has plastic tyres, would replacing these with rubber tyres make a difference?
Making these mods, would it reduce the run time?

appreciate all your comments and thoughts
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