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I want to go faster.
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By danwatters

Ok need some help. F150 single seat 6v but currently running it with a 12v battery. Gears are making funny noises and one motor is dying while the other one motor is fried. I found the stock replacement parts but I was wondering if I should upgrade the gears and motors.

From what I understand I have the 3b gear box and it’s and 8 tooth gear on the motor.

I’ve browsed and I can’t haven’t found an upgrade path. On and off road driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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By chart2006
Upgrade to 7R gearboxes. It won't be a drop in fit but with a little trimming and new axle (steel rods can be picked up at home depot or anywhere else) the 7Rs should work fine. If your gearboxes have the pentagon gearing then you may have to replace the wheel hubs and/or back wheels which isn't too much of a big cost either. Some options below:

16T Ford F150 gearbox w/ motor - $30 (Amazon)
15T Jeep Hurricane w/ motor - $34 (Amazon)
21T Dune Racer w/ motor - $39 (Amazon)

If you do choose to replace the entire gearbox then here's a rule of thumb for gearing:
- Smaller Gear Ratio (bigger number means smaller ratio) more punch/acceleration, more runtime, lower top speed.
- Bigger Gear Ratio (smaller number means bigger ratio) less punch/acceleration, less runtime, more top speed.
- Smaller Pinion Gear Smaller gear ratio
- Bigger pinion Gear Bigger gear ratio
- More pinion teeth generally, though not always, signifies larger pinion.
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