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I want to go faster.
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By Big Al
I just have general questions but I know the 6v is going to be slow after a few weeks for my 3 year old son. I got him a Mickey Roadster from huffy for Xmas. I was going to buy the peg perego camo john deere but he absolutely loves mickey and the roadster is pretty badass except that its 6v. He isnt very heavy around 33 lbs so the 6v is decent. I saw some mods on the board a few days ago but what is the easiest way to do this? I dont want more than 12v I think itll be too much but I want at least think about going up to 12v. any recommendations or tips? Should I get 2 6v battery or 1 12v battery etc? Thanks

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By FishinInTheDark
Without getting our hands on one, it's going to be tricky to give you a solid answer. If it has integrated circuit boards for lights or sounds, those will need bypassed if you want to overvolt. If it doesn't have any extra sounds/lights, you can probably just stick a 12v SLA battery w/ 30amp inline fuse and be good to go.
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By Charliemack
Looking at the description it appears to have a sound board, and headlights. My assumption is it has a control board.

The less problematic way to do this is to use two batteries 1x12v and 1x6v. wire the 12v to run from a switch/relay directly to the motors.

Use the 6v to power the stock harness with just the circuit board and lights.
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By rahllin
I am curious if anything ever came of this? I am very interested in doing this to my son's Mickey Mouse roadster racer. It does have a board for lights and sounds so as mentioned already I was thinking of keeping the 6 volt battery to run those and adding a 12 volt battery to power the motor. Attached is a picture of the battery area wiring. I am a complete noon to this so what would some of you experienced guy's recommend doing?

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By knobby
I'm looking at that now too. I don't think there is enough room for a full 12v battery and a 6v battery, but there could be hope for the 12v version of the same maker's battery. If you look, the plastic seems to be molded for a larger battery. I'm not sure if the electronics would be happy with just a 12v or not yet, but it looks like the 6v downgrade might have been an afterthought.

I found this and it looks like it might just fit in the place of the 6v.

There appears to be room under the hood for a battery or two, but we'd need a way to hold them up there and protect them a little.
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By knobby
Conversion completed. It went as well as can be expected. I picked up a 12v to 6v power adapter and a 6v relay. Hooked it all up and the thing will torque the front end around when he hits the gas. One wheel drive and rubber wheels don't help there. The gearbox lasted about 20 minutes and now it is clicking. I'm looking at going down the rabbit hole of upgrading all that and possibly even going with 2 wheel drive.

The battery connects to the relay and the 12v-6v converter. I'm using the wires that went to the motor to feed the relay, so when the relay turns on it pumps straight battery power to the motor. The downside of this setup is that the car no longer goes in reverse. I could fix this with another relay setup or maybe opening up the front of the vehicle and altering the wiring there to handle 12v. I just didn't want to push the electronics.

My 2 cents: Save yourself and enjoy just using it at 6v. :)

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By adoublem
I plan on don't something similar only with a Robi trigger, having a hard time figuring it how to reduce the braking effect.
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By Elenam680
[/img][/img] my sons roadster raver recently gave out and i don’t know anything about electronics, any one can tell me what i can do to try to fix it
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By PoppaFixIt
I modded one of these to 12v with dual gearboxes. I'll do a full write up on it shortly, but I basically started by completely swapping the wiring harness for one from a 12v dual gbx bpro from our boneyard. The stock wiring harnesses on these are very thin gauge wiring, I would not trust them to run 12v/30A. The stock foot pedal switch is only a 10A rocker switch, it has the potential to weld itself open if overloaded - I believe at least one person has reported that happening on the FB forums.
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By Wildbill3
Interesting so switching over to 12 we may want to go ahead and do a heavy duty foot switch also makes sence is there a preferred vendor for these kinds of parts in the US?
By George Ngo
I know this thread is quite a few months old, but I was wondering if after this mod, did you have trouble with the frontend being too light and jumping on attempts to turn/steer? If so, were you able to find a remedy to it? I'm completely new to all this but our kids are all concerned that I can walk faster than their vehicle so.. y'know... being the good Dad I am, I need to remedy this dilemma! Gotta go all Tim Allen on these vehicles! My youngest has this very Mickey Roadster Racer.
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