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I want to go faster.
My 6.5 year old daughter has a need for speed, and loves her jeep I hooked up for 10 minutes my 18v drill battery for 10 minutes and she loved the speed increase. Her 8.5 year old sister is going to get the Razor Pocket Mod for XMas. The Pocket Mod goes upto 15 MPH. At 18v, the Jeep still will not keep up ( I am assuming) . She is scared of 2 wheels (still has training wheels on her bike). I have have batteries and connectors to connect her to 24v. Will that be fast enough? I can spend a little money (under $150) to further modify if I need to. I also have an old Freedom 940 Scooter I can use for donor parts if I need to get her faster.

I would love to get her on rubber tires also, so she can hear if cars are coming on our street. I also plan to add lights to make her more visible to real cars when she is driving.

Thank you for any and all help!

Tackle speed b4 lights. Check out the ESC section for help with the 24v conversion. Scooter parts may very well be a bonus. I'm not the ESC guy and also not familiar with that scooter but that's the forum section to get all the info you need. We also have a member who sells ESC kits and they are in your price range.
15mph is a pretty aggressive goal for these plastic chassis vehicles -- you'll want to make sure the front end is in good shape first (no camber/toe-out problems, no sloppy steering, etc).

24V on stock motors will get you ~8-9mph for a short period of time (then smoke); smoke will happen much sooner if you add traction aids to the tires. You can certainly get new gearboxes with a higher tooth count pinion and a larger (775) motor, run it at 30000 RPM and get 12-14mph (depending on the tire size), but you also have to deal with the fact that unless you're running a variable-speed controller of some type (scooter controller or PWM motor controller), an on-off "zero or 14mph" switch is pretty hard to handle. My boys are used to having modified vehicles but when I set up our Mustang with a modified gearbox and 36V (16-17mph at full speed) with just the stock on/off switch, even the older child had a hard time really controlling it well -- we run out of cul-de-sac very quickly at that speed and you can't modulate the throttle. At 11mph (24V) it was reasonably driveable, but that's still above where we'd normally be comfortable for the cases where there are 2-3 ride-on vehicles in the area.

I think that if you really wanted to get >10mph, you're going to want:
(A) A variable-speed controller. Even the "Easy ESC" from East Coast Products would be helpful -- you'd have a soft-start function and a dial that could set the maximum speed (which could be installed where the driver could reach it).
plus either
(B) A modified gearbox with at least a decent 775-class motor and appropriate gearing, OR
(C) A larger scooter-style motor, chain drive, and solid rear axle (fairly major surgery).

To get 15mph out of one of those Jeeps without a scooter motor and chain drive, you need one of the 21/22/23T gearboxes, a 22T pinion for a 7-series motor, and a 7-series motor that will run at least 35000 RPM semi-reliably. Or you need a 'quad damage' setup (you can look in the gearbox section), though that's a lot more customization.

If you're willing to limit it to ~9mph, you can probably try out the cheapie Nichibo 775-7013F motors and run them at 24V (31000 RPM) in your current gearbox. They won't last forever at that speed but they'll long outlive the stock ones and they're <$5/each shipped to your door (though you do have to pay another $10-$15 to get 2 19T pinion gears). You could get another 2mph by going to 22T pinions but then that requires buying 2 new gearboxes ($100). I'd prioritize the ESC over that.

Absent other upgrades, running 24V risks burning out the switches if used with most motors -- including stock, the Nichibo I listed, and especially models like the Banebots 18V where the stall current is 50% higher than stock. You would need to go to an ESC setup (which limits the maximum current) OR upgrade the wiring and use relays. Otherwise the startup current @ 24V is going to be extremely high.

Look around in the gearbox and the rest of the speed forum to get some additional ideas, and if you're looking for drop-in options I'd definitely look at the East Coast Powerups offerings. The 7013F upgrade plus an Easy ESC should come in just over $150.
Hammer! Wow.... Great info... Thank you

Reading through, I would probably have to go with an ESC setup. Or this ... /776701441 if the price can be caught on the black friday deal online at $200. I will not fight in line for that..... Razor has one for $400. IF I crap out on the project idea, and want to go out of the box.

She loves the idea of working on projects with me, just wants to do a 20 minute job in 5 minutes or otherwise get bored. We were (ok, most of us) once those kids.

I may get her the out of the box one, and possibly instead make her sisters dune racer the project car. I am not the handiest of people, but I will read, and read, and watch videos and do a 2 hour job in 8 just to carefully go through everything.

Again, thanks for the input. I will update here what happens.
Unfortunately you are better off with something like that quad. At speeds approaching 10mph, friction starts melting plastic. Could be wheels on an axle, but more often gears on their shafts or simply burning up motors. I have over a dozen heavily modified (lots of $$ and time) ride-ons and they are constantly going down :( . In fact, my kids have had more use lately out of the near stock rides which is really sad.
Toycrusher..... Yeah, I agree. I purchased the quad. In fact, they still have it for sale online for $200. Now I have to wait and see if the 8 yr old gets jealous of her younger sister. I know I already am!

I figure the quad fills in every last need I would require to do with the power wheels ( with the exception of maybe needing a suspension on either), and all probably at a cheaper price in the end. It (in theory) would be easier to upgrade later for more speed (extra battery, new controller, new motor). All depends on if she either outgrows it or ends up wanting a two wheeler like her sister.

Theoretically, she should be able to keep up with her sister. Both run 24v with a 250 watt motor. Scooter is 59 lbs vs 86 lbs on the quad, but the girls weight differs by 15, bringing the total weight difference to only 12 lbs. I know gearing can vary, with the quad maybe have it for more torque and the scooter having it for more speed. But we shall see.

I am going to give a follow up after Christmas. If I don't, someone message me to remind me.

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