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Razor Crazy Cart 1000W

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:53 am
by Disko
Hey guys,

I just scored myself a crazy cart, currently it is modified and runs a 36v controller and 3 12v sla batteries. It was modified by a previous owner, I believe this one is a series 1 or 2.

The first day I got it, it was great. Went to ride it today, and it seemed incredibly sluggish, almost didnt move me forwards. I'm 70kg and this is just a regular crazy cart (not XL) running a standard motor that has been recabled. It smells like burnt copper now, so I suspect the motor has burned out.

I'm now looking for a bit more speed, ideally 30+ km/h and enough torque to get me up some 15 or so degree inclines, as it really struggled to pull my weight on even a slight incline. I was thinking about trying to go for a 36v 1000w motor, so I could still use the existing controller and hopefully just have to upgrade the motor, and possibly get some better sla batteries, as the current one's amp hours are terrible (something like 5ah).

As I'm new to this modification scene, any advice, tips or guidance would be fantastic! Looking forward to many happy runs on the crazy cart. Even on the 15 minutes of use I got out of it, it was a heap of fun.

Re: Razor Crazy Cart 1000W

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:26 am
by chart2006
There's different versions of the Crazy Cart so check out this website which has the wiring diagrams, manuals, and a list of parts for the different Crazy Cart versions to get you started. ... parts.html

You're heavily restricted to the space that houses the existing motor which is very constrained. The only motor I can think of that may fit with some modification is the "36 Volt 1000 Watt Currie Electric Scooter Motor with 11 Tooth Sprocket." It's about $150 at this website.

Unfortunately the Currie motor mounts at the face and not the side which means you'll have to come up with some way to do just that. Your first step is of course just to make sure the Currie motor can even fit so definitely measure the space where the existing motor is sitting. The Currie motor is 5 1/2" from end to end including shaft. I've read in a few place the Currie is the go-to for Crazy Cart upgrades but I'm no expert here. If it can't fit then you'll have to modify the forks to make it fit but let's not get into that topic just yet.

Re: Razor Crazy Cart 1000W

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:31 am
by toycrusher
I have a Gen 5 and it's a riot. Has a bad death wobble when you get up to speed so I can't imagine going the speeds you are asking for :shock:

I think an original motor with perhaps a better motor controller could be your ticket