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I want to go faster.
New to the forum and I have searched the site for guidance. I recently bought a used Gaucho Superpower model which is black, rubber wheels, 3 speeds in the gas cap, has a separate disc brake pedal, and is stock 24V.

Only thing I have upgraded before was a Power Wheels jeep from 12v to 18V which was super simple (Added a 6v battery, got a new charger, and wired the batteries together), added rubber bike treads and increased the turning radius. It has been running super strong for 2 years, and is slightly faster than the 24v gaucho (which I know is heavier and has a stock ESC to minimize torque)

What I want to do is boost the speed on the Gaucho in the easiest way possible. No frills. I've tried to follow all the various build posts, and have recognized wiring, relays, modules, etc... are simply out of my league. Seems more complicated than I ever imagined.

Is there a simple way to boost to 48V or 36V, and/or an online site where I can get a kit (list of items) that has everything I need to upgrade?

Hello. This is how I modified our second-generation SuperPower to fix a bad control board.
To go to 36v just use a 36v ESC instead of a 24v ESC. Note that I used dual ESCs because I found 500w ESCs real cheap.
You will need to use relays rated for 36v and find a spot for three batteries (there is not a lot of room for batteries in the Gauchos).

You will see in my post for the black SuperPower that I initially made the stock hall-effect throttle work ok. But after the stock one died I swapped it for an aftermarket pedal like the one used on the yellow Gaucho (see build below).

On the black SuperPower I was able to mount the # THR-89 throttle by removing the stock pedal from the metal shaft.
If you go down this path I can post a few pictures. This throttle works way better than the stock one did.

The second-gen black Super Power is much faster with the aftermarket 24v 1000w than it was with the stock 24v control board.
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