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12V Harley Davidson Upgrade

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:28 pm
by Erik6277
Hi guys, I'm new to this hobby and forum, so any help is appreciated. I recently received a 12V Harley Davidson motorcycle for my son that turned out to have bad batteries. It had been sitting in a garage unused for several years so after a full charge it functioned tested ok, but the batteries wont hold a charge and are lacking in power. My initial thought, since it's in such overall good shape, was to just order up a pair of new batteries and send him on his way. Then my inner child kicked in and figured why not add more power? So I googled power wheels power upgrades and came upon this site. After searching through the forums I got a little overwhelmed with possible options, so I figured I'd just throw out what I'm looking to do and see what the best advice is.

My son is 5 and has completely grown out of his 6V jeep so I was hoping the 12V Harley would be enough for him. I did see some people switch these to 12v/18v. I'm wondering if that's the best route or do I just replace the 12V batteries and swap the motor/pinions? Or can this be upgraded beyond 18v?

All in all what would be the best upgrade for a reasonable price? I did get this bike for free so wouldn't mind spending a few bucks on it if it's worth it. so guess my max budget would be $200, but would definitely rather keep it lower than that. I do have some automotive repair background so I can read wiring diagrams and feel capable on most any upgrade, just need advice in what direction.

Sorry if I rambled too much on my first post.
Thanks in advance!

Re: 12V Harley Davidson Upgrade

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:57 am
by M.L.Toys
You can use our 18v Conversion Kit on it if you want. Some motor/gearboxes take it forever, some don't. But we have faster motor/gearbox setups too should the need for speed get needier!