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I want to go faster.
Has anyone already modded their 12volt Dodge Charger Police Car to 18v? I am wondering if they have been sucessful in doing so just by adding a 6volt 12Amp in series WITHOUT a motor or gear upgrade?

I am already doing so many things battery wise I might as well just complete this step too.

Seriously, no one on this board has done a 12 volt to 18 volt upgrade to this car? Come on guys... speak up. Need to know if this is a simple upgrade of voltage or if I need a PW harness. (whatever that is)
My son wanted the Police car very bad. But because ALL of the electronics go through the circuit board I avoided it. The Circuit bypass for the motors that The Gambler posted is a nice way to go 18 or 24volts. I decided to get a Power Wheels instead and add my own lights and decals. so far it is only 24volts and has a real car stereo in it. The headlights should be in this week, I am waiting for the red and blue lights to come from China. The eaby user that has the red and blue lights in America has told me for 10 days that he is away on a family emergency so I took the hint and ordered them from over seas. I will hopefully put some pics and posts up soon. If you decide to do the mod and bypass the circuit board I would go right to 24volts. the 5 pin relays you need are easily accessible at an autoparts store for $5 - $10 a piece. Good luck. The Charger is a cool ride, I like the soft seats. Under the seats with a couple of aluminum "l" brackets is an awesome spot for 2 to 4 batteries.
Raj, thanks for threply. If it is so easy to bypass, why did you not take your own advice. ;) I would love to do the mod, I am not sure I can pull it off though. Even with the link above and your suggestion that 5 pin relays are accessable and cheap. I'd prefer to see pictures of someone who actually did this to this car with success. Agreed about the space under the seat. There is room for 3 batteries down there. (2) 12 volts and (1) 6volt.
i am also looking to do an 18v mod on the charger police car so far i am not sure how to do this. if you find out anymore info please let me know. i am gonna try and have an electric enganeer take a crack at the circut board and c wat he thinks.
gage, will do. There simply must be more people who have doen this mod. I wish they would register with the board so they can post a reply...
I'm not aware of anybody posting details for this mod on a Charger, but if there are any, I highly doubt they would be as meticulously detailed as 12VWiz's (posted above by Gambler). From what I've seen, KidTrax/Safety First uses the same drive-train (one of two versions) in all of their 12V vehicles. If that also holds true with the Charger, then simple component placement should be the only difference between your project and 12VWiz's. 8-)
It did not occur to me that since the Firetruck and police car were from the ame manf, they would have the same guts. That being the case, yes, I agree I could attempt to upgrade using these steps. Now I am excited. i didn;t realize I had the answers in front of me. I would still be interested to learn if anyoen has already doen this to their charger to see how it performed.
Pizza snob, I was kind of wondering why you posted after me that you wanted to see this done when the Gambler put up a link and I agreed with him that the link is exactly what you needed to do. Then I read Jparthums post also wondering what he was getting at. I assumed you knew The Gambler posted the link he did because it is what you needed to do to go around the circuit board. The boards in the car and the fire truck I am sure are a little different(there is 4 generations of boards at least) but the principal is the same. The information on the fire truck is wonderful and very well drawn out. If you decide to try this, make sure you post back and tell us how much your kid enjoys it!
pizza snob, let me know how its going with the charger upgrade. i just picked up 3 more power wheels made one 24v one 18v and upgraded a 6v to a 12v. i have cought the feever. i just want to c the charger done b4 i mess with it. idk y but the circut boards on the motors freeks me out a little. i will start posting pick on my stuff soon. me and the kids having a ton of fun.
Gage, I probably won't attempt this until the winter. I just did a major siren and sound upgrade to my charger. I have had it on a lift for a month and I want my son to get some playtime in before the next overhaul. Looks like we will all be watching and waiting on you! :) check out my project page this Sunday. I will be posting all my pics and videos Saturday.
sounds great i need to get a project page set up. we just took some great video with 2 moded and one stock drag raceing. i will look for your page.
Here is a picture of the mod. done on a Corvette. The Charger is pretty close. I realize this won't help with specific wiring questions, but is meant to help people visualize the concept. I am new to all of this PW modding. This was my first mod, and the first time I ever used SPDT relays:


Here is an active thread which discusses the difference between the Vette and the Charger, and has a few more pics:

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I don't think that I'd go for the batteries under the seat. I *thought* about it with the Vette (check the link in my sig), but decided that the motors needed the space for cooling. I need to post pice, but ended up hanging the extra 2 batteries (I power the accessories off of a 12V/12AH in the original location and the 18V drivetrain off of separate 12&6V/12AH batteries that are bolted up between the engine compartment and firewall (? - The front of the passenger compartment). This also allows me to keep the keen fake LS engine that Safety 1st went through so much trouble to put in there. All 3 batteries are charged from under the (fake) air intake.
Hello all,

My kids are finally ready for a powerwheels and I have chosen the Charger police car because of its size and cool factor.

I am disappointed to see that nobody has posted on this thread that they have successfully made this particular car any faster. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that nobody has yet to go to 18V. :cry:
No, haven't seen anyone on this site mod the charger for 18V. My guess is that anyone who has one bought it new and isn't willing to be the guinea-pig that fries his kid's favorite strobed-out ride-on. It has a circuit board so this isn't as simple as adding an extra 6v. Go for it, let us know how it turned out for you!

On another note, the wires to the motors on the charger seem small to me, maybe 14ga. I'm not convinced that it will handle much of an increase in voltage without a full rewire anyway.
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Well, I can understand the fear....but I probably will end up doing it anyway at some point. I read an earlier post about the firetruck that went to 18V by bypassing the circuit board. Maybe I will go to 24V and just rewire the whole car if I have to. I don't know how long my kids will be entertained at 5mph....

I realize this car is not the best choice for speed modifications, but I suppose I will be the guinnea pig. I didn't see any posts about motors for this car either, and I am sure I will have to figure that one out too.
I don't know how I missed this thread. :(

The link in The Gambler's Post is a 'Drive-train' circuit board bypass drawing. I have read in other threads that this toy had one as well... But my son recently acquired one and the only circuit boards in the car are operating the accessories (lights and sounds) not the drive-train.

This toy is wired identical to a Peg Perego John Deer Gator that is using the upgraded LHR shifter harness, with the exception of the 12v accessory power wires. They are caught at the foot pedal. Also the manufacture cut corners by using a gauge of wire for the Drive-train that is (in my opinion)already maxed-out for operating at a 12v load, and 18v would be risky.

So... if you are thinking about bumping this toy up to 18v. You should consider upgrading the wiring to a minimum of 12 gauge and to keep all the lights and sounds from being damaged by over-volting. You must remove the red B+ and Black B- wires (18ga) that are tagged in at foot pedal switch and relocate them to the batteries 12v tap or a independent 12v source.

Dodge Charger at 18v.gif
Dodge Charger at 18v.gif (30.38 KiB) Viewed 18310 times

The gear boxes and motors look identical to the kid Trax/Safety First Corvette, Fire truck and Dodge Viper.

Play safe!
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Thanks a bunch 12vwiz! I have yet to build this thing yet, as it is still in the box. Santa is coming soon, so I better get cracking!

I hope to find that mine is like yours and doesn't have any circuit boards in the drivetrain. Have the other kid trax cars that you mentioned faired well when modified to 18V?
I began my build of this thing yesterday, spent most of my time wiring and installing the led's and strobe controller that I bought for it. However, it looks to me like the motors are larger than a 550 size. They have a fan in them as well. I have also confirmed that there is not a circuit board in any part of the drivetrain. Perhaps this vehicle has some potential for speed mods.
Any pics or vids of an 18v Charger yet? It really should be no bother with 12v Wiz's setup since it pretty much isolates the high voltage to just the drive motors. I'll second jam1ej20, that anything that'll be taking 18V to the motors needs new wiring. I've had the insulation melt off of my drive circuits twice now and am hoping that the rewire 2 weeks ago is hefty enough to last.
jc27 wrote:I'd be interested in seeing pics or videos as well. I just picked up one of these on clearance at Target and am considering modding it. Is there a reason not to go to 24V if you upgrade the wiring?
24 V without an ESC will likely kill the gbs pretty fast. Wiring up-grade is a must though. How much was it on clearance, if you don't mind telling.
Yes, thanks to Student07 for showing me 12vwiz's diagram and other help. In a month or so I'm getting ready to try HPI GT 550 motors on it. My son is not ready for it yet. He has already took off the right mirror and LED when he hit my wife's parked car. He drives this worse than I drive my cruiser. I fixed the mirror, but I don't have anymore LED's, so I have to wait for them to be shipped. I wrote a huge paragraph explaining everything, but I hit something on the laptop and it went back and deleted everything I wrote. I can't rewrite it now because of time, but I will later if anyone wants to know. I have 3 batteries in it. I have one 12v 8ah battery for all factory lights, sounds and additional LED lights that I added. The motors are running off of the original 12v 12ah battery and a 6v 12ah battery in series.

My problem besides fixing the LED on the right mirror is that the doors keep flying open while he is driving it. I was thinking about using a magnet or moveable pin to keep them closed. Any thoughts?

Also has anyone tried HPI GT550 motors in this thing? I know it needs a 19T pinion.
bambam83 wrote:Im talking about making the car drive on 18 volts?? Want it to go faster..
forenku wrote: The motors are running off of the original 12v 12ah battery and a 6v 12ah battery in series.
12v and 6v in series is 18v, so looks like forenku is running 18v on his charger. 12vwiz's diagram would also work.
Im running 24v on dodge charger replacing the 18g wiries with 12g or better is a must im running 10g the motors with stocks wires get to hot and stop havent damaged anything yet gears boxes have held up fine i recommend removing traction from rear tires this is a very easy mod by the way
I'm getting ready to switch out the motors to HPI GT 550's. On 18v with these motors, will I tear up the gearbox without a ESC? It's running on 18v with stock motors right now and doing fine. My son wants more speed and I have these motors and the correct pinions laying around, so I thought I would give it a try.
Running 18v with HPI GT 550 motors makes this thing crazy fast! My son loves it. Now I'm just worried how long the gearbox is going to last because I don't know where I'm going to get another one, like I would with Peg or Powerwheels.
They are getting pretty warm to the touch even after 5 minutes of riding. I need to get some heat sinks and fans on them.

May I ask if you could explain or modify the vizio you did for someone like me who is running a little differently? So I currently have (2) 12volt running in parrellel. I want to add a 6volt battery connected to a momentary switch with a lockout period so my kid gets a short burst of speed. I would like to buy one of yur boards if you still sell them. I will try to draw my setup as it exists today and I'd really appreciate any help in explaining what I need to do.

Note: I plan to upgrade the motors (and add heat sinks with fans) as well as upgrade the wiring to 12gauge. Ideally I would LOVE to use the two buttons on the steering wheels for the burst of speed. Can it be used? (I don't use the stock lights, siren, or sounds anymore)

Thanks in advance!
Sorry to bump this old post but I just got the charger and I used 12vwiz diagram to a T but it still seems slow to me compared to how quick his mustang with 18v go. Also when I read the voltage at the motors it's reading 9v. Is it suppose to be 18 at the motor or combine over two motors?

Thanks for the help guys!
Kevin90GSX wrote:Sorry to bump this old post but I just got the charger and I used 12vwiz diagram to a T but it still seems slow to me compared to how quick his mustang with 18v go. Also when I read the voltage at the motors it's reading 9v. Is it suppose to be 18 at the motor or combine over two motors?

Thanks for the help guys!

Did u remove the high speed screw in the shifter?
Ur getting 18v divide by 2= 9v
Chopo, do you have a dodge charger? Did you do this mod? I would be very interested in hearing about it and seeing pics if you have any. So you are certain those two button son the steering wheels are Momentary ON? It appears that is what is needed in S1. I would love to use either of the buttons as oppossed to just one of them for the "turbo switch".
My setup is different in that I have 2 12volts and a 6volt battery. I wanted to power the car with the 12volt 24amp (running parrelell) and the extra 6volts for the momentary burts of 18volts.
Chopo, I am not following. You are saying the existing buttons on the wheel are functional different? One is an on/off switch and the other momentary? I do not have an ohm meter to test them. Which is which? I'd like to use them if I could. What mods did you do to your charger? Do you have a project page up?
I am very curious to see when it's all said and done with your project. I also have this police cruiser and really want to do the esc system in it but I am very intimated by all the technical stuff of getting it done. I am thinking of selling it and getting a power wheels mustang instead. I modded a Ford f-150 to 18 volts for my son and he loved the speed increase. He doesn't even look at the cruiser anymore cause "it's too slow daddy" lol
Good luck
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