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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
By workingonit
Got my son this urban X and the batteries just came in from Ebay ( learned for here to save big money buying on eBay- thanks!)

The previous owner had a friend work on it and it never ran since. The wires under it are a puzzle that I have halfway figured out, could really use some help if anyone has a minute to spare.

In the picture the two red wires have no where to plug and they are factory taped so that they must plugged in withing an inch of each other. It's missing the reset switch next to the charging post, so maybe thats where they plug in? Also the right hand handle grip is missing something, wondering if thats the high speed switch like on his little Kawasaki power wheels? If so can it be wired around to always be in high gear to save from ordering the replacement part?

The charging port has 3 prongs in the rear but only 2 prongs have wires on them, is this normal?

Any other pics and anything you need me to do to just ask, I really want this up and running for him, Thanks


By gratefuldad
Looking for the Stock Diagram, no luck just yet.

But I am wondering if this quad is wired like the razors and other 24v scooters with a Currie ESC and "Charge Inhibitor"? If it is, than you'll need to wire in a switch to allow the ESC to switch between Run & Charge mode. These controllers lock out the Motor Power while charging (I believe this switch will need to be rated for 30-40amps).
The 2-wires on the Charge Port is normal.
Take a look at this and see if you recognize any of these components and or connections. Maybe we can work from there until a Stock Diagram can be found.
wiring-dirt-quad-v3.jpg (368.96 KiB) Viewed 1685 times
By workingonit
That looks different. The two red wires I have no plug for, one goes to the main hot wire with fuse with a smaller brown wire (fitted into the same plug) running up to the control box, the other goes directly to the on/off switch below the handle bars.

Edit: Also in your diagram it shows the fuse at the + /- on the batteries. The short factory black wire I have must be the series wire but it has no fuse.
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By gratefuldad
Does this look like what you are describing?
Quad Missing Piece.png
Quad Missing Piece.png (5.19 KiB) Viewed 1675 times
Have you metered these leads? Hit the ground terminal of the "Last Battery the Red wire coming from the Battery and see what you get. Have you tried "Jumping" these two out to see if it's just a switch needed here? It could be a second breaker/fuse protection? Whatever you do here, it will need to carry the "Load", check the voltage at that lead and look at the Motor Wattage rating. Devide the Wattage listed by 24v = Amp rating required for what ever you place in-line here at the "Missing Piece" (breaker/switch/jumper wire). I wish I knew what IS still there just to narrow down what might be missing. All of these circuits are pretty similar with the same basic components. But it's hard to tell what is running where with just this little bit of info.
The Fuse can be anywhere in the circuit, consensus here is as close to the Pos. terminal as possible.
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