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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
Hello, I'm looking to do the following and need some assistance with the wiring..

Here's what I want:

1 Ignition switch that will be a "master" power if you will.. I want it to provide power to my 12v and 6v batteries for the jeep and also provide the power to my 12v for my led's and siren..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Maybe something like this?
Simple Keyed 18v.png
Simple Keyed 18v.png (9.58 KiB) Viewed 2176 times
Even easier :)
Simple Key Switch with Acc Batt.png
Simple Key Switch with Acc Batt.png (10.63 KiB) Viewed 2170 times
gratefuldad wrote:Even easier :)
Simple Key Switch with Acc Batt.png
Sorry, I'm a complete moron.. The 12V battery for the accessories isn't in the picture and I have a 4 wire ignition key that I don't know what wires go to what..

Is there any way you can be more specific??

Are the "18V drive" wires coming from pin 87 and the 12v battery going towards the rear of the vehicle?

Where is the black wire on pin 85 going to?

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Scroll down on the Pic itself or open on a new page, the Acc. Batt is at the bottom of the page. It'll make more sence :)
Basically the Key is controlling the "Drive" Relay (from Batt to Shifter to Motors). The power provided to the Key comes from your 12v Acc. Batt. This allows you to "Kill" Lights, Acc. and "Drive Relay" (Cars power) with the key. Remove the Key = No Play (clean up your room ;) ). The particular key type shouldn't matter, just use your meters Ohms funtion to find the two wires that provide closed when inthe off position and open when in this on position. The key is just a simple low volt switch after all. Some have more options (poles). If you chase down which lead opens and closes in what position - then you could use 1st turn for Lights and second for the Drive Train, etc...?
Da! I didn't know that drawing would expand when clicked.. Doh!!

One more question.. The "drive" wires.. In the PW I have the black (-) and white (+) that are the stock connector.. When following your diagram.. What wires are the "drive" wires that I tap in to?

Hope that makes sense.. Thanks
The Black is Neg.
You're just sending this 18v on down the line to the shifter.
Hey, before you connect anything. I just realized that you didn't mention the car this is going into, Doh! Please be sure it doesn't have a circuit board in it or the 18v will likely blow that!
Let me know what you are modding.
Good Deal on the PW Jeep, very basic. I should have asked that up front, I might have cost you a board. I tend to assume that if someone is looking at over-volting and stuff that they've read though related threads for awhile. That's not always a Safe Assumption :) Not to say that you personally haven't, but I shouldn't "Just Assume", you know?

From the Batts (18v +) this connects to the #30 pin on the Relay. Than connect the White wire (original vehicle wiring) to the #87 pin. You're right, the White wire goes to the Pedal 1st and then on "Down the Line" to the Drive Train. Note: Everything you are doing is "Under the Hood".
In other words, what I am calling "Drive Train" is the two wires that where connected to the Stock Vehicle side Battery Connector.
I may not be expressing myself very well or accurately, I'm sorry. I have to admit, I virtually Gut the wiring from every vehicle I get on day 1 and build back from scratch, so I'm not as well versed in the Stock colors and particulars of their arraignment as some guys here are. So I may not be "Seeing" it very clearly from your perspective and not being terribly clear with my words.

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