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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?

I am new to owning a Power Wheel. I picked up a used blue Jeep Hurricane and am trying to restore it to surprise my 3.5 year old. It was left outside for a long time. I've cleaned it up and ordered some new parts to make it aesthetically better. However, the radio doesn't turn on despite putting new batteries inside and checking the contacts for corrosion. The navigation system that is supposed to have lights and sounds when turning the steering wheel and twisting the key doesn't work either. The vehicle runs fine otherwise, meaning it goes 2.5 mph, 5 mph, and reverse.

Please give me some insight on how to diagnose the problem. I took the radio/navigation system out and partially disassembled it. See the pictures. I'm not sure what to look for or test. I have a multimeter, but I don't know how to use it very well. I can post more pictures, if needed.
I would appreciate the help a lot. Thank you!!!
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Honestly most people cut that feature out after a few weeks and the newer models stopped coming with it. Problem was that the vehicle talked to you EVERY time you turn the wheel left or right, and EVERY time you shift gears. It gets real annoying real quick and takes away from the driving experience. I've never opened a radio up to try to fix one as I've only been asked to remove the system which can be done by disconnecting the cable that goes from the shifter to the radio.
Ml is right about it becoming annoying, I think it annoys the adults more than the kids though. I really can't help you with that part(nav & directions) other than the obvious like a broken wire or burnt circuitry. One thing about the radio though, was the single wire with that connector plugged into another wire? That is the antenna wire and the radio won't work without it. The newer model Hurricanes have a unit that dosen't have all of that chatter about left and right or what direction you're going. It does have a radio and engine sounds and flashing lights. Try the wanted section, there might be one (old or new) someone is willing to sell.

I hope someone here can help you, good luck.

Thank you M.L.Toys and x-tremeOCK for your replies.
Please see the attached two pictures of the wire coming off of the side of the radio and the one sticking out of dashboard. Are these supposed to attach together then? I don't know if it was broken before or during the removal of the radio. How do I fix this?

Also, do the navigation sounds and lights run off of the main battery (not the "C" ones in the radio)?
Where should I look for issues regarding the sounds/lights that don't work when you change gears?
photo 1 (2).JPG
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Yes, that little stubby wire on the right side of the unit is the antenna wire. The frayed wire sticking out of your dash is the rest of the antenna, it snakes up and around inside the frame of your windshield. There used to be the other half of the connector there but they easily get ripped off when you try to remove the unit from the dash. I suspect that was done a long time ago. As for repair, if I couldn't find the other half of the connector I would clip the connector on the radio and solder a wire in it's place, about 6-8 inches long. Then I would put a red bullet crimp-on connector on each wire(male and female) or just solder the two together.

The 4 C-cell batteries supply power to the whole unit, nothing from the 12v battery that powers the vehicle.
There are switches that get made every time the steering wheel is turned or the gear shift lever is changed up or down. I don't know where the steering switch is, probably along the flat bar where the steering rod connects. The gear shift switch is in the shifter assembly.

The key should still work even if those switches are disconnected and the antenna is clipped. If that key is not working with good batteries in the unit I'd suspect the unit is dead. Good luck, hope you find the problem.

Were the previous batteries in the radio corroded? If so, make sure you clean the old acid up good with some Baking Soda/water and you may also want to lightly sand the battery contacts.
My tired eyes are not that clear and neither is this picture. Is the black wire attached to the metal tab that pokes through from the battery compartment? See the yellow arrow. If not, that's your problem...if it is...never mind.
image_3a.jpg (238.95 KiB) Viewed 6431 times
If it's not even turning on at all it sounds like an open wire/bad battery connection situation. Whatever you do don't trash it. Put it in the for sale section for parts. Heck I'd buy it just out of curiosity. :oops:
Can you post a close up picture of the entire battery compartment with batteries removed? Maybe we can figure this sucker out.
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Thanks X-tremeOCK, SigEp, and Wired.

SigEp, the previous batteries were not corroded, but one contact was slightly. I sanded the junk off. It didn't fix it. The batteries I put in there are new and oriented correctly.

X-tremeOCK, I just turned the key with the batteries in and the unit just as it is (disconnected from the car). I didn't hear anything. However, I see that one of the yellow wires that goes to the round disc is not attached. I think that this just happened from handling the unit, but I'm not sure. See my attached picture. How do I fix this? Is this the speaker?
Also, I think that the black and red sets of wires are attached to the metal tabs. I very gently tugged on them.

I attached some additional pictures after further disassembling the unit, including two of the battery compartment for Wired. Please let me know, if you see any issues. It looks like there is a dried whitish-turquoise haze in the compartment where the switches are. There is a dried white haze in the battery compartment too. Is this water damage?

Wired, I will let you know if I want to sell it. I would need a replacement one first. :) (I have faith that we can figure this sucker out though!
black and red sets of wires that attach to the metal tabs
image_7.jpeg (125.19 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
black and red sets of wires that attach to the metal tabs
image_6.jpeg (128.95 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
battery compartment side 1
image.jpeg (136.18 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
battery compartment side 2
image_1.jpeg (134.47 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
image_9.jpeg (147.84 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
image_10.jpeg (169.02 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
round disc with detached yellow wire
image_11.jpeg (161.06 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
round disc with detached yellow wire
image_8.jpeg (158.33 KiB) Viewed 6425 times
The red wire in the first two pics appears damaged/cut (it may just be where 2 wires connect to battery tab). Is that the power wire from the battery contact? It appears very suspect to your problem in those pics. The battery contacts look good. Can you check for 6v at the back side (where red/black wires connect) of the battery tabs with batteries installed.

Also, the residue, if it's corrosion (it looks like it) needs to be removed. Either use some electrical/electronics contact cleaner, isopropyl alcohol or a mix of baking soda & water (like Sigep said) and lightly clean the parts with an acid brush or an old soft bristle toothbrush.
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You're getting excellent advice form the other members and would just like to add my 2 cents. :D

Yes, the round thing with a broken off yellow wire is the speaker. You can check to see if it's still good, its simple.

Take a 1.5v battery (AA or AAA) and temporarily attach some wires to each end. Then take those two wires and tap the two speaker terminals for a millisecond each tap, not more than three times. You should here a pop sound from it each time you do it. If you don't ....well its DOA. If you do, it's good.

From this photo it looks like the board took a bath in a mixture acid and water. Good luck! No guts no glory, right?
image_9.jpeg (56.22 KiB) Viewed 6418 times

Hold off on live testing till after you address these issues. Applying power to a board in this condition could do more harm than good.

Follow the advice on cleaning the board. Do it on both sides. Also inspect the two white infected plugs inside and out. If parts or wires don't start falling you have a multimeter?

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