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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
By Mongo
Hi Everyone,

I have a little tot that is car crazy and she loves her new Ferrari F12 from Rastar we bought her for Christmas. However, these remote controlled ride-ons are slugs at 2-3 mph. The car is 12v based on the instructions, but I would like add a 6v battery to squeeze a little more out of the motor.

I ran across this diagram from toycrusher and wonder if it will work for my application. Please let me know if it does. Thanks!

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Yes, it will work ;)
The car currently has one 12v in it or two 6v?
Then yes, you will want 12v relays and a 6v add-on battery to boost it to 18v
You can try these. The harnesses won't handle 30 amps but they will handle anything the stock motor will draw ... Nw&vxp=mtr

Do you know what motors are in there now? Do they have any markings? It's important to know where you're starting so you can have an idea what to get to hit your goals. I could point you to the cheapie 23000 RPM motor in the motors sticky, but if the stock one is 8000 RPM, then that's going to be a poor fit. Same thing applies if you buy a Traxxis or HPI motor.

If they don't have any markings but you can get a photo of the gearbox and its guts (where all the teeth can be counted), then you can figure out what the reduction ratio is, and then you can measure the no-load speed of the wheels. I just put a piece of tape on one spot on the wheel, propped it up on something and recorded the wheel going around for 10 seconds. Count the # of times it went around and you can calculate the wheel RPM; then using the gear ratio you can back-calculate the motor RPM.

Once you know what the stock motor runs, you can determine the RPM you need in a replacement motor and select it accordingly. Most of the Power Wheels ones run ~15,500 RPM motors from the factory, but the other brands run a wide range -- I've got a pair of 13000 RPM ones at home from an old Kidtrax or something, the Leantoys one recently posted was using 8000 RPM motors, etc.

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