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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
Thing is driving me crazy.

I upgraded the jeep with ML Toys Stage 4 motors/gears. I replaced the Pedal Switch and Shifter Switches. Last night i changed every single electrical connection to ensure there wasn't anything loose or funny.

Under any kind of load (on grass) on 24v and often times on 18v it's popping a 40amp fuse.

I have no idea what to do at this point....i feel like i've replaced every part on the jeep. I have friends who are running 24v on stock motors and they have 0 problems....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

SO i rewired the entire vehicle last night with 10 gauge wire. I still have a fuse holder that uses 12 gauge wire. I have one coming today that uses 10. I also am going to pull the wires that are soldered to the motors and connect the 10 gauge directly to it tonight.

Last night my kid drove it and everything was improved. Speed and consistency. I had her start once in high gear and it still blew the fuse but it took a 2 second burnout on the grass to do so. Whereas before it would blow before the tires would turn a half a revolution.

I think (hope) i'm heading in the right direction....
Contact the vendor for the motor specs. Maybe they can help resolve the issue. There are some things you might be able to do in the meantime. Have you checked for binding in the motors/gearboxes? Have you checked to make sure that the motor mount hardware has not loosened? If you have the stock motors/gearboxes you could patch them back in to see if you get the same results. If no binding is found, the motors may just be pulling too much current. without motor info you are simply troubleshooting by results (blowing fuses). Since you are blowing 40amp fuses you have pushed the electrical components past their range of use. The switch contacts are not rated for that much overcurrent and are most likely failing. Be warned that the situation you are describing may cause your switches to weld themselves closed. Think wide open and no brakes. :( :shock: :o
Rez90 wrote:They are ML Toys Stage 4 775 motors.
Yes, they should be able to provide you with specs on their motors.
I think we've addressed everyone personally via email. But for the forum readers...

When fuses blow it is because there is too much amperage flowing through the wires. An amperage increase is normally caused with more powerful motors and/or increased voltage. Healthy Power Wheels wiring can handle 775 motors and 24 volts. Think of your wiring as a highway that amperage flows along from homes (your battery) to your motors (a Hillary Clinton Rally). The switches are intersections that slows the amperage as it decides which way to go. Now a Donald Trump rally comes to town (bigger motors) which causes more amperage to flow. Now your intersections start getting backed up a little. Now if your switches are older and worn it's like having potholes in the road and Bernie Sanders in the crosswalk. The amperage starts to backup. The fuse is like a rickety wooden bridge that when the traffic backs up onto it causes it collapse. The same thing occurs when you increase the voltage which is like adding more homes with crazy people trying to get to the rally.
In the end, it's all Obama's fault.

Now in the event that you've replaced your switches and the contacts in the white plugs are healthy you should look to what could be holding the motors back. Putting too many shims on the rear axle so there's no play, a bent axle, rubber tires, increased tire diameter, are all things that make life tougher on the motors which makes life tougher all up the line.
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