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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
I am new to Power Wheels and modifying, but after doing 2 Razor scooters and now 2 Power Wheels, I'm a little more confident. Until yesterday. I gave my boys the 2 Power Wheels in the 3rd photo and they were ecstatic. Took turns on both. The Barbie Trailrider (now blue & white sports trailrider) blew a fuse within 5 minutes and then again within 5 minutes (both times with a different son). They are 9 & 11, but skinny. I know some of it probably has to do with them being older, so more weight. But the weird thing is that the Kawasaki that I bought the same aftermarket 12v battery for didn't have any issues with either boy.

My husband says to try a 40 amp fuse in my inline fuse instead of the 30. Would that fit in the same fuse holder? I don't know enough to take apart the throttle or pedal, so I'm hoping an easy fuse upgrade will help or maybe even a circuit breaker. Otherwise I might throw in the towel. But I spent forever cleaning it, painting it, learning how to upgrade and wire it, and buying the right supplies. I'd love any help!!

I've included a picture of the original trailrider so you know which one it is, and the wiring inside. It's an original female plug and I purchased the male plug on eBay. This one was upgraded from 6v to 12v while the Kawasaki was already a 12v. I'm guessing that has something to do with the Kawasaki not blowing fuses.
New paint.jpg
Paint job
New paint.jpg (51.27 KiB) Viewed 1285 times
Modified wiring of trailrider
Wiring.jpg (54.62 KiB) Viewed 1285 times
Kawasaki in background
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Okay, same problem now it seems. I purchased a set of 40 amp fuses and have been using those since I posted over 5 months ago. Have only blown 1 or 2 that whole time until this past week. Now the fuse blows within seconds of installing a new one. Anyone know why this would be or what I need to fix?

Also, the Kawasaki Power Wheels in the 3rd photo of my original post suddenly just stopped working. I might need to start a new thread for it, but basically reverse and slow mode does nothing when the pedal is pushed. Not even a clicking noise. Fast mode does click when the pedal is pressed, but only one rear wheel spins. Is this usually a pedal, throttle, or wiring issue?
From my understanding, as motors wear out they will draw more current. That may be the problem with your first quad issue. Not certain, but if it were mine, I'd swap motors out and see what happens.

For your second issue, it sounds like shifter switches to me. The contacts of the switches will oxidize and/or get dirty over time and lead to losing reverse, or only one wheel spinning, etc. You can either take the switches apart and clean the contacts or replace the switches entirely. I bet that solves your problem there.

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