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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
on this page ... C_ID=21975 there is an awesome, ez to understand schematic on using single switch after a terminal block to control 4 lights (2 front, 2 back).


If I wished to control the 2 fronts and 2 backs separately, could I remove the switch as shown in that diagram, and
Put 1 switch AFTER the terminal block on the way to the headlights
Put 1 switch AFTER the terminal block on the way to the taillights

I don't believe there'd be a problem....I think this may be the case of a basic question... so basic I can't seem to search the specific answer as far as I can tell. :0)

Thanks in advance, Kevin. I am a newbie looking to start a project... will post updates. Got 2 gauchos for the kiddos...

Your thinking is correct. Two switches after the terminal block will work as expected. In all reality the terminal block isn't even required, it's just a way to make the wire connections in a neat and organized way.
In the original post that drawing was made for, a user was asking about terminal blocks specifically so that's the reason for it's presence. Bigmac is correct, it's not required but as you can see in the picture above that diagram in the original thread, it sure does make your wiring a lot cleaner.

As far as switches go, there's not really a wrong place for them. You put them wherever you want to turn power on and off. Only thing you really have to pay attention to is the max current rating of the switch. If your load (lights for example) is 1 amp but your switch is only rated for 500mA (0.5 amp) you will likely have some problems. Make sure your switch is rated higher than your max load and you'll be just fine.
Awesome. very much appreciate both of your responses. I took the info from this thread and the many great other threads on this board and added some LED front lights to one of the kiddos gauchos... I'll post a pic in the project area once I finish a couple more custom things.

Really appreciate all on this board. Kevin

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