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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
Will start a build thread later once I have access to my personal computer. Anyways, I picked up a Grave digger that was a road side find. motors still work (though the gear box isn't secured it moved in the rear end, will look more into that later).

What I'm looking at is I have a single din Bluetooth Head Unit I'm adding to the rear. My daughter is turning 2 in May, and buttons are her favorite thing in the world. Having it in dash will only drive me nuts. Going to use 2 JBL 6.5" Composite speakers and 2 Alpine 6.5" speakers I have laying around (brother gets all kinds of speakers for free from his work so I have gobs of lightly used choices.... less he comes across some marine ones again)

The HU we are using

I'm also adding new head lights. the factory sound box/light panel was so corroded from battery acid that everything was eaten alive inside. I tried soldering in a new battery pack and replacing the harness, but that was a no go. I decided that the 4.5V needed to power the lights even if they worked was going to be more annoying than just adding new Headlights.

going to add these ... EBIDX%3AIT

I'm going to make a new panel to replace the sound box out of scrap aluminum at work, and add switches to control the head lights. ... EBIDX%3AIT

I called my little brother and he had a spare horn from a Landy that they were going to trash. We are going to add that too as she is so in love with the phone on her great grandpa's golf cart. I'm going to use this switch on that panel to activate it. ... EBIDX%3AIT

Lastly, I have a complete Zevo LED interior kit from hot import nights that I wired up at the show to be in their booth. at the end of the night not only did we get to keep the kit, but we won their contest which paid out $250 and a Carbon fiber trophy. I'm going to use that to illuminate the under body of the car as it isn't ever going to be used on my personal vehicles and if we had not been asked to be in their booth I never would have it. Might as well put a smile on my daughter's face with it.

So with all these electronics, and I live a half mile from my in-laws. What am I going to need AH wise to keep this going for my little one? The factory battery is a 12V 9AH, but that is purely for the motor. Will a 20AH battery get me assuming more or less that everything will be running? I have a spare 7AH 12V battery, which is what I used to test the GD in the first place, would running 2 12V in series make sense?

Still got some time, her birthday part is a month out, but I'm rapidly approaching needing to have this done. The paint on the body is drying and then the new vinyl is going to be laid.
Gearboxes are loose, and gd has gobs of room below to house days of battery!
12V series isn't going to do you any favors, except make your daughter immune to whiplash and tear apart gearboxes.
18 amp hour no accessories but a load mostly flat paved probably gets 2 1/4 miles using ~35% of the battery. Ya lost me on the draw for the rest of the items.
Hills and surface will be a variable as well.
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