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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
New to the forum, just picked up a used Peg Perego Gaucho Rocki'n for ~$50 without battery.

I was thinking of buying one with some more AH so it can run a little bit longer and found this type of battery for a good price: ... F12-40.pdf

Cant tell if it is a SLA battery or not, anybody who knows?

Did you notice that it weighs 33 lbs ? That's like a second kid riding in the jeep.
It might be cheaper to buy a couple of 12v 12ah batteries and swap them out when they run low. And not have to carry around 33 lbs of battery in the front of the jeep.
Also when you will want to move to 18v or 24v that big 12v battery will be an issue because you will have to match the ah rating with another 6v or another 12v battery.
And lastly, my kids get bored and move on to another toy most of time before they go through one (or maybe two) 12ah batteries (at 12v, 18v or 24v).
Ok! thanks for your answer. Then maybe a better option would be to buy a new 12v 18ah battery instead it weights about 6kg. or would the best option be a 12v 12ah?
My kid is to turn three in 6 months so I dont think a speed upgrade will be in the near future, but since I've seen it running yet I can't really tell either :) maybe it is too slow on 12v?

the prices for batteries are:
Leoch 40Ah: $75
18ah: $58
12ah: $37

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