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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
I have an older model 1991 barbie power wheels beach buggie with four wires (four prong square connector) and am ordering the red and black harness adapter for newer style battery. I would be so ever grateful for your vast knowledge including a link to a previous thread discussing this and if done I would even upload a video of the before and after. Thanks again in advance. I will give any and anddvance credit where it is due no matter what.
-Devon Harris
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Welcome to the forum! The old 12v setup (what you have) used to use two 6v batteries and switch the wiring of the BATTERIES between series and parallel for high and low. The newer 12v rides use a single 12v battery (what you also have) and switch the MOTORS between series and parellel.

Try looking in the wiring diagram section for some info on how to make it work. If I get some time tonight I'll see if I can skim through find you some info.
I found some old info on a previous post that used 2 new 6v batteries instead of a single 12v. Easy to do but you have to buy 2 new batteries and have chargers good for 6v batteries.
The connections go like this:
6v battery #1
Black - negative
White - positive
6v battery #2
Blue - negative
Yellow - positive
I worked a 2nd Gen Bigfoot for someone and I rewired it because of the benefit of having a sort of invisible diff when in low gear and makes it easier to steer
You can get two 6v SLA batteries on Amazon for under $35 and they will give you longer range ... ttery+12ah
I'd get those two batteries and wire them the same way as the old batteries. It's the only alternative if you don't want to completely rewire the whole Jeep.
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