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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
Here's what you will need first off you will need to go to harbor freight tools and grab a 18v nicad drill master battery charger, next you will need a inline fuse link with a thirty amp fuse for the positive side of the charger I usually grab mine from Menard's for $2.89 and it comes with the fuse, next you will need 20 gauge wire you can pick that up at Walmart for 6 bucks a roll real cheap, next you will need a guitar input jack, when you search for them they will be called a 1/4" mono input jack, then you will need the female side the 1/4 mono output jack is what you will type in, I usually grab these on eBay from USA sellers you can get a good quantity for cheap, and lastly you will need electrical tape and a saudering iron. I drilled a hole through the fuel cap and pushed the output jack through it and wedge a screw driver against the nut to tighten it up then i saudered a wire to each post, one taps into the main fused power side of your batteries and then the other one goes to the main ground, I taped around each metal post for safety then pushed the fuel cap into its original location, also there is three fins in the fuel cap so I shaved them down to pull the charger tip out. The charger is simple to build you take the positive side and put a slide connector on it, add the fuse link sauder the the connections to each side of the wire and make the continuing wire to the length a length that works for you, then on the ground side match you positive wire then you will sauder the jack post to appropriating sides then screw the jack back together. I put black tape over all the wires to make it tidy looking, I'm going to include some pictures to make sense of my yammering if im confusing lol! :lol: :D Once you plug it in it should charge and auto shut off according to my tests!
I don't know the technicalities of the wiring I just like to be extra safe this was just a guesstimation lol! Figured thirty would be overdoing it but better to be safe then sorry lol Im not familiar of how to judge what goes with the fuse and wiring combos when linked so I just decided to over do it since I'm not an expert lol :Dlol
Overdoing a fuse is a bad thing. Always go lower if possible. The general rule of thumb is rate your fuse for twice the nominal load. If you're charging at 2 amps, you should have a 4-5 amp fuse. Likewise if you're charging at 1 amp, have a 2 amp fuse.

An exception to this rule would be if you had something that has an absolute maximum rating of say, 10A, you'd want to have a fuse less than 10A protecting it regardless of the nominal load. You might be replacing a lot of fuses in this situation, but you won't destroy anything.

The fuse is there to break the circuit if things go bad. If your fuse is too high, other components in your circuit will be damaged before your fuse pops.

In your charger set-up there, if for some reason it started pulling 25A, your wires would melt and possibly start a fire before your fuse pops.

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