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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
I installed on my son's Hurricane (T3264) Stage I motor/gearbox, stronger battery, Lights kit, Emergency kit that I got from ML Toys. All works great now and top speed went from 4MPH to 7MPH but it would be nice to know what is the battery level. I started looking for power indicator. I noticed that older Hurricanes like K7112, N2273, J4394 comes with it and I was trying to get it. But this item is discontinued and I couldn't find it anywhere. I am also searching for taillights from older models (plastic red covers, not stickers). But both the items are from older models and they are no longer available. Would any of you guys know where can I buy it or any of you know what other power indicator can I use.
The Power Wheels part numbers are:
Taillights J4394-2649
Power Indicator J4394-9059
Thank you in advance for any help!

Hey Mike,
I will be in the garage this week and I may have some spare Hurricane tail light covers. I have some aftermarket digital battery/volt meters and may also have a stock battery meter. Give me a couple days and I'll see what I find. Post your ship-to zip so I can figure how much shipping would be whenever you get a chance. We have a "wanted" section also if you want to get more visibility for parts requests. It's down near the bottom of the home page.
Thank you very much for looking into it. I am new to this forum and didn't know that there is wanted section.
I found some aftermarket gauges but I would prefer the stock battery indicator. I definitely need the taillight covers. So I would greatly appreciate if you find it. I live in Arlington Heights IL 60004. Please let me know what I own you for the parts and shipping. Thanks
Mike I haven't forgotten about you. I ......enter excuse here.....You know how things go. Best intentions with limited focus sprinkled with multiple distractions. I will have you an answer by the weekend on whether or not I have all the parts.
Good news Mike. I have one last pair of hurricane taillight lens covers. I also found an F-150 harness with the power indicator(push button panel with four lights to indicate battery strength). DO you want me to cut off the battery indicator and you can splice it into your existing harness or would you prefer to have the whole harness? I can ship the tail light covers and the indicator (with wire and connectors)for $20 total. If you want the entire harness it will be $30. Let me know if you're still interested and PM me your complete ship-to address.

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