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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
So, I notice my sons power wheels was struggling like the battery was dead (no way fully charged checked with meter and everything also switched out to two other batteries and identical situation). About a week ago I tried to rewire the relays in the shifter by using 2 1x1s and bolts with thicker 10 gauge wire and bladed connections. This was due to the wiring getting hot in the relays. To messy and reverted back to original. Used a stock jeep to set it back up with the switches. I broke out the multimeter and at the input im getting 12.89 volts (This is the current volt reading of the battery, and this reading changes to match other batteries I tried). But in high im only getting 7-8 volts and low and reverse is barely pushing 2-3 volts at the motors. The picture from tiger direct is how I have my switches setup and the rest are pics I took off how they are connected. I will also say I had to rewire the motors in reverse polarity due to it having 2 speeds in reverse and 1 in high. I tried flipping around the switch with the white wire that bridges the 3 and 6 but it didnt fix it. Something Im missing here>?
I worked on this all night! Starting at 11:34 last night ( the 4th). I have been working on it for 20+ hours straight! (Im prescribed Adderal) Im now able to get 12 volts in high but less then 1-2 volts in 1st or reverse on one motor while the other gets 6 volts. Switch to high both get 12 volts. If I move the motors around it does the same thing (right side motor) I have tried 20 different switches new harnesses and rewired the entire jeep. I dont know what else to do! Also this duplicates it self with every battery I try including a brand new one I got today.

SO in changing all the motors I left my Titan 775 motor in the loop on all of the switch outs. Just went out there and tried with out it and two stock motors and bam it worked right.
Its funny how that it effected the right motor even when the titan was in the left....
Onto my next question. I guess the titan does not like 6 volts, is there any way when the power wheels is put into low to run 12 volts only to the titan and when it is in high 12 volts to both of them?
Without getting into a whole electrical lesson, it sounds like the problem is in the batteries, not the motor. 12.89 is almost discharged and your description of events indicates your batteries can't handle the amp demands. 775's do run at 6 volts. Also avoid taking short cuts... always replace bad switches with OEM switches. They're cheap enough.
The post is a bit hard to follow -- from the perspective of talking about having a single Titan 775 motor. What is on the other side in that case?

If you have mismatched motors then 1st gear voltage readings could be pretty wacky. The steady-state 'sharing' of the 12V between the two series motors depends on their characteristics (no-load current, winding resistance, and no-load RPM, in different proportions depending on whether the motors are at stall, full speed, or somewhere in between).

Regardless, if you really had a Titan775 on one side and a stock motor on the other side for debugging, then the 1st/reverse numbers aren't going to make sense and you should move to a setup with matched (either stock or Titan 775) motors for debugging that particular connection. I don't know which particular Titan motor you have but the 10/11/12T ones are going to likely take only a fraction of the total voltage when placed in series with a slower, higher-resistance 550 motor.

Regardless, the voltages across the two motors should ADD UP to ~12V (your battery voltage), so 6V on one and 2-3V on the other still doesn't make sense; 8-9V and 3-4V would not be out of line for this type of mismatch though.

Also, I wouldn't consider 12.9V to be discharged, but it's only a point measurement. To test a battery you need more than just a no-load voltage. You've said you've tried multiple batteries so it really doesn't sound like that is the problem.

Do you know what you changed that moved you from "7-8V in high" to "12V in high"?
I had 2 775 titans. One didnt work when salvaged from the older project car so I hooked up one 775 into the jeep and one stock into the jeep. I noticed it had low power and did some testing and in low it started out at 5-6 volts then went to 0 volts and didnt spin at all. I put pressure on the other wheel and it did nothing for the traxxas motor. I then cut out the traxxas motor and gearbox it was hooked to and hooked up the stock gearbox and everything worked the way it should again.

It was not the batteries as even a brand new battery did the same thing
Now im dealing with a short and I dont know where this stuff is killing me smalls lmao. Car runs for 30 minutes or so then the breaker pops and then its fine for 5 minutes and repeat. I checked my switches when I was going through this and the middle pins 2,5 test a resistance of .03 with 1 and 3 on 2 and 4 and 6 on 5. I dont know if it is the foot pedal switch that's my next place to look
Gonna be buying some inline fuses. Gonna run one between the foot pedal and gearshift and two between the motors. The two between the motors one for each motor, what is the max the motors should pull. I would think they would pull the most in low or reverse. Also gonna run one main breaker again between the foot pedal and the battery

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