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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
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By SteveTerplak
Have an older Escalade.
Was getting worn out, under any sort of adverse driving conditions, it would struggle to generate power to move itself up any hill. Also gearboxes sounded like they were missing teeth/had loose items.
So I bought new standard gearbox setups from ML Toys.
Has a relatively new battery.

Installed the new gearboxes.

Now when it operates on level ground or downhill it runs real nice, very strong.
Going uphill it runs for about 3 seconds then loses power (push pedal, nothing happens). Wait 10 seconds, it will run for 3 more seconds, then shut down.
Downhill or level, runs great.

Based on what I have read online, there is some sort of thermal protection on these?

What could be the cause of this? How can I test to identify the culprit?

I did a visual inspection of connections and wiring, don't see any easily identified flaws.

2 things:
When I got the new motors/gearboxes, there was a bullet style connector which I could not get the other wire to insert into, so I gave up cut off the connector and wire-nutted them together. Is there any chance this is the issue>? I wouldn't think so, but maybe I don't have enough contact between the two...
once done, I saw that the company had included the opposite end of the connectors in the bottom of the

Second - the gearboxes don't firmly attach to the vehicle at all. Is this correct? There is a little wiggle room with them when they sit in their slot...should i screw them to the body at all or strap them in place?

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By wired
1: If you can't solder the wires onto the motor tabs then you need to install a good splice to provide the best contact possible.
2: Yes, the gearboxes fit loosely in place.

The stock gearboxes were most likely 16t gearboxes. Escalades are a little larger and need the torque. Hopefully you used direct replacements with stock motors (or at least something close). It does sound like your self-resetting breaker is tripping under heavier loads. Power wheel stock batteries have them (breakers) built into the top of the battery casing and are not visible without breaking the top of the battery off.

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