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Kidtrax Dodge Ram 3500 problem

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:21 pm
by Zguy
My son's Ram decided to quit working the other day while he was using it. No power going to the motors, but the lights and sounds are still working, key switch works as it should also. I took at it and have narrowed it down to the small PCB with a relay located beneath the shifter. Not much to it other than the relay, plug going to the key switch, and a couple small components on the back side. When pressing the throttle the turbo sound plays as usual, but that relay just clicks and the rollbar lights flash very briefly. During my testing I may have further fried something on that board because now sometimes when I hit the throttle it replays the startup sound as if the key was turned off and on. I tapped the relay several times fairly hard with the throttle held down and eventually did get the motors to power up, but it seems like low and reverse are very low powered (the truck is sitting on a bench with the wheels lifted up so it hasn't been tested with him in it). It also still randomly doesn't power the motors and I have to hit the throttle a few times to get them to go.

Can I order a new board through Kidtrax (or elsewhere)? It would involve some soldering to replace but I'm fine with that. OR, can I just bypass that board altogether yet still keep all the normal functionality? His cousin has the identical truck so if they both operated the same it would be ideal. I've been poking around here a bit and found 12vwiz's bypass solution, would this work with this particular truck? I can wire relays no problem but I'm not sure if I want to get into that kind of a potential rat's nest of wiring. I might eventually consider adding some power to it but for now I just want to get it fixed for him, he loves it and wants it back. Help me be a hero here! :)