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Charging 12v & 6v Batteries Together?

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:39 pm
by ntlknight
I hope it's OK if I post a few battery-related questions in this post. Thank you for taking the time to help!

I have 3 Ride Ons (which I have already modified the battery connections to house after-market 12v batteries after the stock batteries died) and I've been planning on further modifying the batteries for each of the cars to use a 12v and a 6v battery in-series to speed them up and run at 18v.

1) Should/could I charge the 12v & 6v in-series together at the same time using a single charger? If so, which charger(s) would be suggested for this?
2) If I can't charge 2 batteries simultaneously in-series and I need to charge the 12v and 6v batteries separately, are there chargers that will charge 3 (or more) 12v batteries at once?--and 3 (or more) 6v batteries at once?
3) The blue Schumacher charger seems to come up as one of the best, but is it suitable for 6v batteries because it doesn't have a low amp setting?--would that also be a valid concern if I charged both the 12v and the 6v in-series together?
4) If it is recommended to have both the 12v and 6v batteries at the same level of discharge before wiring them up in-series, how do I get to the same level?
5) I'm currently using 30a inline fuses to connect the after-market batteries, but the fuses trip/blow every so-often. Can I use a 30a circuit breaker instead, to avoid having to change the fuses so often? If so, please, can you tell me which circuit breakers I could look at?
6) One last question about the inline fuse, once I put a 6v battery in these ride ons, will I need to use 2 fuses--one for the 12v and one for the 6v batteries?

Thank you so much for your time