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Need new batteries? Going from 12V to 18V or 6V to 12V? Wiring Questions?
By xjetera
My Guacho came with a 12V/12 amp hour battery.

Is there any concern with using a 12V/14 amp hour battery?

If I understood it correctly, there will be no extra load on the system, it'll just longer.
I could also use the Peg 12V charger and harness, it'll just take longer to charge.

Are there any other considerations?

Thank you,
By tingtong
that should work just fine
we use e bike batterys for our escalade
i charge them at 24 volts and i use the factory charger harnesses from my old power wheels battery and charger
By xjetera
Thanks Ting.

Will I expect any noticable increase in duration (over the 12 amp hour)?
By johnny1333
you are correct on all terms, as far as run time goes, maybe an extra 15-20 minutes runtime? that is a guess, i'm not exactly sure.
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By Houdeani01
It all depends on how it is driven but 2 Ah is not a ton it will give you a little difference. Under full load these motors can draw around 20-30 amps meaning if you were driving it at full speed with a good amount of weight you would only get around 6% increase (2Ah/30 amp draw = 6%), so that is 6% of an hour so maybe 4 - 5 mins extra run time. But again this is under full load the entire time. if not under full load you could maybe get up to 10 min.

Run Time = (Battery Amp Hours / average Amp draw) * 60 min (this will give you a idea of what to expect)
By alwaysfixin
Might also consider that depending on the battery manufacturer and who's labeling them there can be a significant difference between the battery's rated specifications and the real world performance. A battery rated for 14 Ah by a less-than-scrupulous source may only be in reality a 12Ah. Or less.
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By j-bird629
The difference between the 12Ah and the 14Ah should be about the Ah difference, not the Amp draw. 14Ah / 12Ah = 1.16, the new battery has a 116% capacity of the old battery. The operating time should be around 116% of what it was with the 12Ah battery. If you ride hard and got 40min, now you should get just over 45min (40 x 1.16 = 46.4). If it lasted closer to 1hr 10min now 1hr 21min (70 x 1.16 = 81.2).
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By Houdeani01
Hi j-bird your theory does work as well but your comment that says “it is about the Ah difference, not the Amp draw” is not correct. That is exactly what it has to do with Ah stands for Amp hours and if your motors are drawing an average of 20Amps an hour a 12Ah battery is going to give you 36 min of run time ((12Ah / 20Amps an hour) * 60 min).

I am not disagreeing with the way you are doing your calculation that should work but it has everything to do with Amp Draw.

alwaysfixin is also correct though and this may vary slightly by manufacturer.
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By j-bird629
Yes, I agree that Ah and power drain has everything to do with Amp draw BUT the idea of coming up with an accurate comparison of two batteries based on average draw is more of a guess than an equation. The draw on the battery changes constantly based on so many factors including initial startup, heat in wires, terrain, riders weight and the list goes on.
The only thing that has changed is the batteries capacity therefore the only direct answer is percentage of capacity. Your first post used a 30Ah average draw. That would mean a 24 min runtime on a 12 Ah battery, add 2 Ah capacity and you add 4 min. runtime. This is not very accurate because a BPRO's should not come close to a 30 amp average draw but the idea of a monetary 30 amp draw is realistic. It also leads one to believe a 2 Ah increase will only give a 4-5 min runtime increase. In real world it should be somewhere between 6 to 12 minutes.
I’m just saying, there is absolutely no need to try to determine the very inconsistent and difficult to measure average amp draw just to get back to Ah.

Use the easy to measure, original runtime and the known Ah ratings = accurate comparisons.
By iamtommyboy
So to this end, if I found a 12V 18ah battery, it would work fine in a 12V jeep, just last longer? What if I wanted to upgrade to 18V? More ah just means more run time? Thanks.
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