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This is your club New England! Lets see what you come up with. If you are from the <New England> area - get in here!
By jbrady5979
Hey!! Where are my fellow New Englanders?? Did anyone switch over forums?? I need some help with a project im doing. I just found a pink barbie mustang in the trash last week,solid but real dirty, faded, stickers are all torn and peeling.Anyways!! none of that matters to me because i have boys and plan to do a complete make over. Im looking for anyone to help me, im driving myself crazy trying to figure out some ways and what material to use to make up my own Body modifications. I want to make up a hood scoop, and some side vents and want it to look good. I plan to post the project here for all to see.
Heres the stang,

mail.jpg (40.53 KiB) Viewed 4665 times

ANd this is somewhat what im looking to do
gt500 hood.jpg
gt500 hood.jpg (84.07 KiB) Viewed 4665 times

By zipperhead
Massachusetts is here, just a little lost on the new system. Can't believe you found a mustang in the trash, WOW. I live in Stow and the people around here never get rid of anything of value. As for the body mods, I am sorry but no help there from me, still pretty noob.
By jbrady5979
Kstorm21, I know the post your refering to, thats where i saw it and i wanted to use the idea and see how he made the scoops and flares, but i lost the page and was never able to find it again. :evil:

Zipperhead, Welcome....'
Yes i was driving one day from picking up my truck from the shop i passed the mustang on the side walk, as you can see its a little beat up on the outsidebut the inside was loaded with mud and leaves and it was trash day in the area so i tossed it in the truck. As of right now i have it all torn down but with the holidays its been on the back burner, but ill i should be back at it soon enoff. Thank you guys and if you see anything or come across that page again please let me know. will be posting pics soon 8-)
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By hotwheel80
Hey guys! Welcome to the forums! I believe the build you were referring to was done by "Defensivewound". He has done some great things with his Mustangs!
This is for the Roush Mustang... ... C_ID=20516
And this is for one of the other Mustangs he has done... ... C_ID=14695
You can also use the "member search" option for "Turbokev" as he is extremely talented with the Mustangs as well or just type "Mustang" in the search bar. Hope this helps!
By zipperhead
I never have any luck finding them on the side of the road. I did come across a CAT dump truck in Flordia, MA on a recent road trip, drove by it on the way there, it was on the porch of an abondoned cabin and I decided to swing back and take a look. Owner of the inn came out and offered it to me, it had been sitting there for 3 years, untouched. It rode on the roof of my wife's tahoe for something like 200 miles.

Any progress on the stang?

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