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Interesting in starting or joining a new group within modifiedpowerwheels? Post your interests here or search for one in your area.
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By iDz Bowl
Battman2036 wrote:Ok Ohio Folks, I have recently dusted off my vinyl cutter and can now make custom decals once again. I use the same vinyl others here offer (Oracal 651) and like to think I can produce almost anything you desire. If you have a need for something, let me know.
I was over there yesterday and he's got a great set up, I'm definitely hitting him up soon for some!
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Anyone want to get together for a meet up or something? Kids and Power Wheels = lots of fun!
I'm thinking sometime in August? Let me know if anyone's interested. We've got a couple parks nearby my place, we could have some type of Power Wheel picnic.
I'm interested in reducing the fleet and maybe some trades. I have a safety 1st vet for parts, a blue Firerock in good condition and some odds and ends. the Vette could be restored if you were inclined. I'm looking for a Razor Pocket Mod/Vapor or a Hurricane. let me know.

Oh, and a Harley for the first to come get it. Got it from iDZbowl, but I'm not motivated on it.
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I like the idea of having a get together. My boys have never been able to drive their hurricane around with anyone else. I'm sure they'd get a kick out of it.

I can fit the Hurricane in the van with some persuasion so I could be willing to travel as long as it's not too far.
Where are you? We have a few in the Akron area, Parma, and Medina County. My thought was to hit one of the car show get togethers somewhere in the middle. Where people bring custom cars to show them off near a restaurant. Figured we could bring the custom out and show off too.
I just got a couple 12v 18ah batteries. They are bigger than the normal aftermarket batteries. They weigh 14lbs with the cage, about 12 without. The standard aftermarket 12v 10ah battery weighs around 8lbs. Here are some pictures of it below. I would be willing to trade one of these for two or three 12v's (they have to be new though) depending on their ah. Let me know, local only, I don't feel like shipping these because of the weight.
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Hey, to everyone in NE Ohio, check this out. We just started a group message on FB with four guys from our area. We try to inform each other of listings on CL and we also share a lot of useful info on modding. If you are interested in joining our chat let me know, the more the merrier!
I like that idea, but I don't want people on there that are just looking to scalp. We need to be sure who we let in, if that's cool with you.

We could call it NE Ohio MPW

Want me to start it up?
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Hi Guys,
In an effort to not hi-jack SAHDman's Finds thread - I did want to mention that "The Hi-Torque is in play". The posting below is mine. I'm reducing the fleet to please the boss... Let me know if intersted. Perhaps a deal can be made including parts/other rides. Figured I would offer to the local crew first. Thx.
It hurts seeing that ad again :cry: That is such a nice looking Gaucho. I'm hoping after I clear out some inventory, maybe I can find a way to get another keeper into the garage. I have to work on the misses a bit too. Don't count me out completely because that thing would like pretty darn good next to the JD and the RZR
I'm open to offers.. and in the market for a Peg Quad. I mentioned to SAHDman that its depressing watching it sit in the garage while cleaned up and "for sale".

SAHDman - it does look nice next to a JD off-road!! ;) ;) :D
JD + HT small.jpg
JD + HT small.jpg (68.86 KiB) Viewed 10555 times
So we're talking trades are we? I do have a new 700 sportsman in the garage. Sahdman just hooked me up with a hurricane project car, so I'm going to need some room. What ya got in mind Denny? You can also join us on the new NE Ohio PW facebook page for the "locals only" conversations, trades, complaints, and deals. Shoot me a PM or catch me on FB I'd love to see what we can do.
Sorry Battman, but I think he was looking for a Cobra Ferret Sportsman! :)

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DennyUofT wrote:That is a nice Cobra Ride!! I'll check out the FB page. Probably looking at some cash and making up the balance in trade.
Yeah you're right, but I wouldn't want too much extra cash... haha :roll:
shooter05 wrote:Hi all!
This is too cool. I'm raising my grandson with my wife. she has a goodwill/garage sale addiction lol. we have a fleet of PW.
Im in Newark,about 30 miles east of columbus
Great to have you here Shooter! You should take some pictures and show us what you have. :) Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, we all like to help!

Im new to this forum... im from Fairview Park... just bought a Jeep Hurricane for my son and im looking to pimp it up with Lights (head light, tail light, etc. need info where to get materials and how to install. Thanx!
Welcome, sir!
Hurricanes are a great platform to do some great mods... have fun :)
For lights, I'd probably start reading the threads in the Pimp it out section. Or, just go hereand buy a kit from NikG!
1. whats the best way to contact NikG, sent him a PM but got no reply.
2. does anyone have a plan or a step-by-step instructions on how to install a remote kill switch for a Jeep Hurricane?

thanx again!!!
EJDR, I could help you out with the lights, I'm over in Parma. I have a couple extra sets of Eagle Eyes too, which work great for headlights and they're easy to install. Don't know about remote kill switches, but if you put it in the search above it will give you results.
If anyone wants to stop by my place tonight or tomorrow morning I will be giving away a bunch of parts. I can also do a little next week, but I don't know what will be left. We're moving next month and I'll be focusing on repairs and razor bikes rather than custom PW's. I've got tons of parts from all different types of vehicles. I also have about four contractor's bags of wheels and parts in a storage area nearby that I'd like to reduce. Let me know today if you want to stop by. PM me and I'll give you my number. I'm gonna try to start laying everything on tables so you can look through it quickly. I know there's a bunch of you not too far from Parma, take advantage of this, you never know what you might need!

We also have a private Facebook group too where we trade and help each other out. If you're interested in joining that one, let me know and I'll add you. It would be best if you lived close to Cleveland or Akron though, that way we all would be able to trade without driving too far.
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Hey Guys,
I've been off the boards for quite a while. I know we talked about JD Off Road graphics a bit in the past. Do any of you recall if anyone had any printed. Battman - I still have the files you did for me a while back. Let me know - Thanks.
hi all, just wanted to join the Ohio fun. iDz saw my post in the "new from Ohio" thread and pointed me here.

looks like some good stuff.

I'm south west ohio, though. Dayton area.

last night my daughter was "off roading" her 14" wrangler on my little 2-foot gravel pile...and i spent the rest of the night thinking about the garden we didn't plant this year. It's an L-shape, all weeds at the moment (but soft dirt underneath). Guess I better turn it into a little PW dirt track with some hills and stuff :)

regardless, i need to kill those weeds with roundup, lol.

a lot of people must have done stuff like this...I'll start a thread. I'd be interested to see/hear ideas for different shaped hills and stuff.

this might be the justification i was needing for doing a 4x4 wrangler or f150, too :)
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By islah
Hello, I'm an artist and filmmaker in Columbus - I teach at OSU - (i've also done a few mods myself! ) -- I am hoping to interview some power wheels fans and power wheels modders in the Ohio area. Is there anyone here still active who would be interested in being interviewed -- possibly for a film or written piece on the topic. Please let me know! You can email me at
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