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By Allanonthecosta
Hi all,

Very nice forum , I am completely new to modding as i have literally gone an bought my sons first ever ride on car this christmas: ... s698-6v7ah

It was purchased from a Spanish retailer but is made in Bulgaria:

Specs as follow:

12 Volt system with RC and manual override ( so the kid can steer himself, when old enough)
Servo motor for steering
MP3 player with USB and SD card slots- one speaker ( 3 watts 8 Ohm)
Full suspension front and rear with inflatable tires.
Motors (10000 RPM) with Kid Trax style gears.
Lights front and back ( pulsating leds when music is played )
Max speed (a t the moment) 5MPH.

There is no charge indicator from factory spec, so my first mod will be to install this Volt and Ampmeter:

Next step will be installing new more powerfull motors and gears- going from 10000 rpm to 30000 rpm. ... WCq6Gwkq2g

Not quite sure what this will do to the battery drain, hence the voltmeter. Other wise will consider running 2 12 volt batteries in parallel.

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