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By syzsounds
Hi all,

Just bought my lad a Porsche 959 ride on, Twin seat , 4 pedals on the floor, twin speed Off that there Ebay .
Apparently it didn't work but well does .. But not properly so I've signed up to look for wiring diagrams .

I don't think its a powerwheel , I actually don't know what it is , Steel box section chassis , Room for twin motors etc ..
I'll pop some pics up if people are interested .
Thanks !
Finally found a bit of info .. Its a ToyToy porsche 959 , A quick google search brings up a white and a blue one at 400 euros.
Still struggling sorting out what wiring goes where and the battery connections but looks like a 6volt car which will go 12 volt via a switch ( Hi/lo).
Any info would be very much appreciated .
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