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By Cappilio
Hi guys

First of all great site, it never really crossed my mind that these ride on kids cars were modded.

My wife has said my son wants a ride on quad or (ATV) for his birthday this July.

But I don't want just to rush buying any old thing and was hoping for some recommendations that fit my requirements

My sons only 4 so for now power is no big thing. But I would like something with the potential to upgrade in the future.

And it needs to be durable I envisage him taking a trip to the local shops with his mother which is around 500 meters away.

I'm assuming for anything that's going to be used properly.I'll need something with rubber wheels over plastic

I like the idea of remote control and or kill switch too just encase.

That being said I really don't want it too be too slow as hell just get bored with it. It has to be quicker than walking jogging pace.

Again I know budget is a big thing but in don't mind spending as long as I'm getting good bang for my buck.

Can you guys throw some recommendations my way?

By Rob222
I suggest you look at the Razor Dirt Quad. I have two kids, a 4 and a 5 year old. We have a garage full of Perego jeeps, some stock some modified. I bought a used razor quad about a month ago and I just picked up our third yesterday. It's the first thing the kids want to ride. The Razors have good wiring, suspension, rubber tires, disk brake and are 24v. The chain tensioner design is poor but they are $10 to replace. The batteries are a project to swap if new ones are needed but well worth it and pretty cheap. The quad stock is pretty fast and it has a lot of upgrade potential. Only down side is they are expensive when new but they can be found used if you don't mind adding new batteries, chain tensioner, and maybe rear tires.
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By Suburbancharlie77
My daughter has both the kfx and brute force. LOVES them both for separate reasons. Our kfx has 21 gearboxes and generally runs on 18 volt so it's fairly quick! That one she knows she needs a helmet for. The brute force I added a shovel on the back with the mount, and with the square hole for trailer hitch, she tows the little green trailer loaded with her tricycle and plasma car. Hey, she does need her exercise!
Neither have rubber tires or remote control, and I've always wanted to get the remote kill switch, but still haven't and it seems I'll probably never get around to it. They both have been for many walks and the tire design for each is a bit different, and really meant a bit more for grass, as they're a bit bumpy and wiggly wobbly when run slow on pavement. She uses them differently, and chooses based on trip purposes, kfx for being a speed demon and brute force for lugging stuff. The kfx on 18V with the 21 gears may very well be our fastest, and the brute force may be our toughest. Both have logged quit a few miles with over the limit adults without a problem, aside from a few Harley's are our only cycle design, but by far not our only rides, and would likely be the biggest argument if it was time to hand over a toy, or if broken and down. The kfx won't be very sexy to add lights on, but the brute force has plenty of room to add extra components, batteries, and lenses for an attractive headlight set up. Since temps have stayed above freezing, these 2 have been the favored rides, probably followed by the escalade that has spare batteries for a windshield defroster/hand warmer for heat, and is our most sat inside ride, with windows and doors, back earlier this spring to keep her pampered butt warm. Most all that we have are the power wheels brand, so I don't have a ton of experience with other manufacturers, but neither of the Kawasaki's are difficult to service, the kfx probably being much simpler, but more parts are probably available for the brute force, as the tires are shared by the dune racer, shifter the same as a hurricane.
I probably didn't help answer your question, but at 4, he'll take to the handle bars quickly, bicycle rubber can easily be added, and I don't see the need for remote steering to be justified based on cost/use time. She 3, can barely reach the gas pedal on the brute force, 42" tall, and is dwarfed by the brute force. The kfx isn't much bigger than the 6 volt beginner ride on quads, doesn't have storage, pop holders, or much side protection. The brute force really does look like a real 4 wheeler from a distance, and is difficult to "misplace" or "not see" where the stance of the kfx she can easily get lost in tall fields or behind things. Hope some part of this helps. It's my understanding that the peg Polaris has a bit of suspension but the hand winch on the front is a joke. My buddy has been waiting for about 5 months for parts that are still back ordered. Even with as many odd ball parts I can't seem to get, I'm still choosing to stick with Fischer Price as my primary brand, everything is used, and most of ours have had "issues" upon arrival. Best of luck and let us know what you choose and keep us informed of how things work out. Let us know where you are located, and maybe someone can hook you up with seeing one in action?
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By Cappilio
Wow, Guys

Thanks for such a quick response, i did a lot of reading into your suggestions and i made a purchase earlier today, I Managed to pickup a Razor 24v Quad ( for £180

Im going to fetch it in the next few days, Another quick one, Anyone know if im going to need a van to pick this up, i'm not quite sure how tall they are.

i cant wait to see Georges face when he gets this on his birthday. Im going to hang tight on any modifications for the moment and see how he gets on.

if anything the first mod will probably be the kill switch from what im reading the majoirty of the generic 24v ride on's are all the same when it comes to installing the kill switch. I was also reading that the razor operates 2x 12v motors and a 24v battery with a top speed of 10mph... 10mph seems quite alot is that right?

thanks for all your advice it was invaluable.

By Suburbancharlie77
Helmet speed! Get him used to it now, so it's not an issue later!
I may be a goofball in the sense that my daughter would walk around the house with a life jacket or a helmet on, unnecessarily, but now when it's time, there's no qualms about it.
By Suburbancharlie77
Nice find, looks like single motor chain drive. If a van is an option, I'd suggest taking that! It's possible that it would fit in the back seat of a sedan, but not worth chancing it on its maiden voyage home. Not that it looks dirty, but not worth soiling the car either.
By Rob222
Nice score with the new batteries. Fits in the back of my Jetta Wagon or wife's mid size SUV no problem. You can lower the handle bars with an allen wrench if needed. Yes 10 mph is zippy for a 4 year old. First lesson was braking practice for my kids.

Also, If your kid is going to be riding on hard surfaces these can be a little tippy. There is a forum about a cheap way to widen them. I didn't because we have a lot of grass.

And +1 on the helmet. Enjoy !!
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By brianmatthew
I have used atvs for so long and i can tell these are the best 4 wheeler vehicles out there becoming more popular because of easy convenience .

You can buy best youth atv out there for your mother with perfect accessories .

I am sure she will love it.

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