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I'm the new guy from MN. Dad with a Dremmel.... and a dream. A dream that one day soon, I will convert this PowerWheels to an RC for my little guy to ride in on his first birthday coming up!

Like I imagine most new dads do, I went into a purchase frenzy before he was born. I found that PowerWheels made a replica of my 2005 Mustang GT- so I got one (lucky find, actually- these things are around, but if you're looking for one specifically, fate will screw you over).
I'm going full-RC with this beast, painting it to match mine exactly. I've worked out most issues... And am on my way getting this project up and running.
Sure would be nice to have some conversation on here with others, and post pics of what I got cooking so far. I rigged up a wiper motor for the steering servo- working pretty well! I found a great Bosch low-profile wiper motor for it, and have some ideas for a linkage. Paint is an issue. Old plastic with some pitting that evidently held soap or oil or god knows what... I scrub-cleaned with Gojo (yeah, I have some tubs stored for the apocalypse) and windex (the amonia stuff). Rinsed it hot and scrubbed again... Fully dried... SANDED it with 400 and 600 (leaving a good bite for the paint I thought).... Used Krylon Fusion... Black.... Crap went on with small "holes" in the paint where it seems specks of something were phobic to the paint. So... swears were said and I sanded and coated with a primer stated to be good for plastic... And that reacted with the Krylon and crackled. So... star fish. Sand AGAIN, and then the open spots were filled with the primer... Next coat of Krylon Fusion went on well. BUT.... I HAD to paint it black... And now I realize I needed more sanding... So... SAND SAND... I've done actual bodywork that didn't take this long. Good thing is, the hood and front clip I hit with the primer FIRST. So those didn't have any issues. But the windshield, trunk, spoiler, and taillight housing all got boned. Tonight will be a "sanding the hell out of them" evening.

Shoot some advice to me. I'm new here. Would like to post what I have so far and give some direction to those struggling with the same stuff I've worked through. I'm doing a full light system on this thing. Took out holes for third brakelight and side markers, lit gauges, sequential taillights high/low beams, and a 3pos. switch I'm planning to use for a turn signal. Using Arduino to run them all. Also have a functional speedo and ampmeeter for the two main gauges...

Some questions... Tires... I want this to look good. Screwing bike tires on looks hacky and has to bump every time the car rolls over the seam. Not going that route. I saw somewhere a dude cut some lawnmower tires up (cut the walls out) and was able to force-fit them nicely over his stock wheels. Boy, if I had $100 for new tires and could find a set that looked like car treads!! But I doubt I'm gonna find used and won't spend that kind of money for new. Any ideas out there?

Right now, I'm just running stock 12v (he's little, so no need for anything faster). I'll hop it up when he's older and can work the controls on his own. Converting it to variable speed and braking through pedal-pots, and taking out the radio, using the arduino to run input instead.

What else....?... Hmmm...... OH! This thing came with a fake auto shifter. That simply won't do. I want to use a Z-gate or MANUAL facsimile. (You don't drive performance with an auto in my family!). It looks like those wire identically and even use the same switches. But physically, I'm unsure if I could dremmel this sucker so one of those would plop nice and neat into the console. I'd just have it disconnected for now so he can play with it as I drive him around via RC, but a simple speed, direction select with it, later, would be slick. I'd replace the stick with something cooler (8 ball or skull... Not sure yet, whatever crap I laugh at first when I'm to that point, I suppose). Anyone swap a lever shifter for the Z-gate style on anything???

Cheers!! Dads with Dremmels and soldering irons, UNITE!!
Yay! Another MN modder! I think we're up to 4 or 5 now!

There is a category for Pictures & Videos and another one specifically for Projects. If it's an ongoing project, I'd stick with the latter of the two.

I don't know anything about RC and started to zone out with all the words but I'll read it all again in a few minutes.

EDIT: Okay, I'm with it now. Bummer about the paint. I hate painting but always start with plastic primer after cleaning and sanding. Kudos on the Arduino plan too. Sky is the limit there.

As far as tires, all I've used for add-on traction is the anti-fatigue mats. Not much different than the BMX tire mod but they're a little more aggressive and work very well in snow.
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