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Hi everyone, my name is Richard. I'm a 34 year old dad of twin boys (2 years old). I also have a 6 year old girl that is already bored of her car becasue it's too slow.

I don't have an original Power Wheels, I have an Avigo Range Rover Sport from Toys r Us ... d=33861526

My original aim was to just double the battery size to 24 V, then I came across this guide showing how to make them remote-controlled, which would be great for the boys! ... er-Wheels/

Then I started to think of other upgrades - listed below (which I'm sure have been done before). The purpose of this post is not for someone to do all the work for me and list everything out, it was more to set me off in the right direction, with the right equipment to perform everything in my list at once. The video guide lists the parts required, but I'm unsure if I'd need something more advanced for everything else on the list.

Please bare in mind that I have zero experience in electrical engineering. My father-in-law is an electrical engineer at Boeing so I will be bothering him for help later.

1. Controlling the car with xbox controller (per the video guide above)
2. Installing harness style safety belts - car is currently too fast for the twins without belts.
3. Installing front and back led lights (and possibly also being able to turn each one on/off using buttons on the xbox controller
4. Installing a working radio and speakers (and possibly being able to also control the radio and scan between channels using the xbox controller)
5. Undercar lighting - also on/off from xbox controller
6. Car horn - also on/off from xbox controller
7. Increasing the speed of the car to 24v and possibly being able to switch between the standard 12/24 v settings inside the car or via the xbox controller

Many thanks for any help. I am looking forward to this project and it would be my pleasure to share pics / videos throughout.

Welcome! It's an ambitious project but I bet with a little guidance you can do it. I however, am no help in the areas of RC and Arduino. And I didn't know you could use an xbox controller for things like that. That's great!

If I may make a suggestion, update the title of this post to include 'RC'. I'm sure one of our resident RC experts will be by soon to chime in.
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