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Hi everyone!
I figured it's about time I made an account here after browsing these forums sporadically for some time now.

First of all, there are some GREAT minds here in these forums and that is a key element with some of the best and brightest communities on the internet. I am impressed.

My name is Eric and I'm a father of 2 and husband of 1. I build and troubleshoot CNC machines for a living, as well as offer services to the general public from my own shop I've got here at home. My shop consists of mostly hobby-grade equipment but it's been modified to handle some abuse. What I mean is that my equipment is not the kind of industrial equipment made to run 24/7 like you see in factories. I do laser cutting, laser engraving, etching, powder coating, anodizing, 3D Printing, CAD/CAM design, vinyl cutting, and currently going through an educational course on electronic engineering. Here are just a few examples of my work...




bruinsPWM (25).jpg

red_soxPWM (13).jpg


I literally have 1,000's of photos, these are just from the first folder that happened to pop up while inserting an image.

I have 2 "power wheels" (not really power wheels as the brand) which I have modified both electrically and mechanically, as well as aesthetically. I designed and 3D printed battery pack enclosures for 3S/3P 18650's totaling 12.6v and 90amps, plenty of juice to drive these things safely.. I've outfitted both cars with XT-60 LiPo connectors and all of my battery packs for the cars will have corresponding connectors. there's also resettable fuses in-line, hidden behind the battery sleds. I have tons of 18650's on hand, literally...



Now the reason that prompted me into making an account here is because this spring I will finally have the time needed to really go all out with serious modifications on both my kids power wheels. Aside from the battery upgrades which have already been done, I will be working with some code to program 2 Arduino MCU boards to control the electronics in the cars. The Arduino's will control everything from the relays all the way to lights and sounds. If you are not familiar with the Arduino platform, it is basically a tiny computer you can code and program to do whatever you want, aside from getting you to the moon but I think they're working on that :)

Any questions feel free to ask! I'll have my email notifications turned on for replies. Glad to be here and thank you for having me. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone around here and hopefully collaborate with like-minded modders and makers alike!
Being limited on photos in the first post, I figured I'd have one more to add a few more photos to better describe what my capabilities are with my shop so anyone who reads this can imagine how all of this equipment can be used for power wheels modification.

I came from a low income dysfunctional household with many problems so none of this was handed to me. Over the years I worked very hard to obtain all of my equipment and education, and if I can do it, than I'm sure anyone can. It takes time and persistence. Like I said, I'm now married with 2 kids and own a house and a business, and there was a time when all I owned was what was in the backpack I was carrying around.

Here's a heavily modified 3D printer. It's a Wanhao Duplicator i3...


3Dprinted (18).jpg

I've got a k40 laser cutter and engraver which is also heavily modified for performance and power....



Those are the only ones that are fun to look at and modified. Posting pictures of my other equipment will just clutter this thread up with things you probably don't want to look at. So let's get to the WHEELS!

Here are the "power wheels" I have on deck ready to mod. This first one has no brand but I think it's a beauty. Not only that but it's unique. I mean, I've never seen one like this before, have you?
IMG_12312.jpg (54.94 KiB) Viewed 636 times


The next one is actually a power wheels, and it's big. I'm sure everyone's seen this one before... a bit dusty in this photo but that's what kids do :)
2016 (22).jpg
2016 (22).jpg (50.17 KiB) Viewed 636 times
Welcome to the forums! 8-)

We love to have do-it-yourself'ers sharing projects and ideas :D
Thank you! And I appreciate the warm welcome.

@Tythejeepman - That's one heck of a collection of wheels in your sig, wow! Mods for days with that collection!

@toycrusher - I really like the roadster too, my mother (my kids grammy) got it for him last year and I think she got it off wayfair or something similar. Straight out of China for sure and the wiring was a mess, I didn't trust the stock electronics at all but the body and style of the car is all that matters when the 'tronics are being ripped out anyways.
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