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By etling
Hello, new member here from California. Picked up this Range Rover from a neighbor for free! I think these are sold as "Avigo" brand at Toys-R-Us, but maybe manufactured by Feber? The battery says Feber on it. It's a 12V, two-motor setup..

The thing is, I charged it up - and it barely moves. I'm assuming the battery is shot, so I ordered new 12v and 6v 10ah SLA batteries and I'm going to run them in series for 18v. I also ordered four of these wheels to replace the plastic hollow ones and hopefully get it to go better on grass and gravel - if that doesn't work then I guess maybe the motors will have to be replaced??

Anybody have tips or ideas for modding these? Oh - a flat-green paint job and some safari racks are in the works to make it it a little less.. what's the word.. ostentatious. :roll:


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By pirsen
That car model is actually a feber, as you yourself checked on the drums.
Feber is a Spanish brand, and its toys are resistant.
You have a diamond in the rough.
Connecting the batteries at 18v in series will not do so thanks to the gearboxes of the motors. Have you thought about adding variable speed? In amazon there are very economical 24v drivers.
Of paint I have no idea, but it is also very important the final finish.
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By gerlt
Have the same car. You got a great deal. I have found the motors aren't sufficient for my two kids (5 & 8) riding together and am planning to upgrade them. Will be going to 18v, too. You can follow my threads as I'll share my experiences from my upgrades. Please also share!

Watch out for adding rubber tires as that will pass the stress down to the gears and motor. With plastic tires they slip, which avoids some of the stress on gears, motor.


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