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Hello ,
I just bought my 5 year daughter a Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 (red)
Iam looking for some mods to do. I am buying a second hand one off , one of my friends. (this is the one i plan on modding)
The goal is to go to 24V and a new motor and gear box.
Also i want to put a higher , stronger roll cage. (Just seeing what other people have done.) I have ideas of what i want to do , but iam sure someone has a better idea than me.
Also i plan on putting on led flood lights and Front and back lights.

My main question is , should i just buy the 24vdc kit from peg perego. and go from there. or is there a better route.

So iam a instrument mechanic by trade. So i solder on a constant basis. and i deal with electronics every day.
Ive done a little bit of dremel work. but iam super excited for this mod.
Ive have also read the intro post for new memebers
Thanks a bunch

I don't believe the 24v system will work for the 12v model. My speed mod is mltoys performance 550 motors, 18v (12v,6v,12ah), 40a thermal fuse. You will have to run to keep up with it once you hit pavement. My kids are 60lbs together. Other mods are fog lights, horn, fan(to help keep motors cool), heat sink fins are on order. New smile on kids face :-)
Ask and you shall receive...

This is one of the most extreme Rzr's that have made it on these forums

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