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Hello Everyone,

I just really wanted to stop by and thank everyone at this forum... especially all the members who are/were constantly active and contributing to it. You guys know who you are. I won’t mention any names in case I forgot anyone :D . It’s been a while since I lurked through these forums. I'm one of those forum creepers as few of you mentioned lol.

Well here's my story....

Back in December 2016 I acquired a Jeep Hurricane at a closing Toys- R-Us store. They are pretty expensive as everyone is aware, but this one was about 60% off. Since, I wanted to get one for my kids for a while, I just jumped straight at it and purchased it. Wish I knew about this forum before I pulled the trigger. I would probably go with a used one instead.

Well… a week into it I started installing all the “necessities”. Got the New Batteries, LED headlights, taillights, PA system, metal gears by ML Toys, Traxxas 775 motors and even attempted and succeeded to add Drive-by-wire and RC with Mamba Monster 2 ESC and Firgelli 35lbs actuator.

I consider myself pretty handy, but I’ve never done anything like this before… this is where this amazing forum came in handy. I was pretty much reading stuff as I was upgrading the car. It became my hobby for that week or two. Straight after work I was in the basement or my garage with a bottle of beer working on the car lol.

I was completely happy with all the upgrades until we had it out for maybe 3 rides… the notorious gears started breaking. 2 kids and 24v was not a good idea even with the 5w brake resistor. I did replace gears the first time only because my kids were begging to go out riding on the car, but at the same time I realized it would not make sense constantly replacing them considering the prices of the output gear or the whole gear case.

This is when things got really interesting… I started looking into Scooter motors and chain drive. Long story short... I acquired a new skill of welding which led to redesigning the car completely.

Now this car has:

Metal Frame, Full Suspension (80lbs struts at each end), Live Axle, Jack Shaft, 500Watt Scooter Motor @ 24v, 16” Lawn Mover wheels, 4 x 12v 18mah batteries, Still drive by wire and RC but using Wiper motor as a servo since car is much heavier. Firgelli 35lbs wasn’t able to handle it and 150lbs actuator was too slow (love Amazon Prime).

I’m very happy with the build except for 1 thing… which is live axle. Car doesn’t turn as well, and rear tires wearing out faster because of that. I just placed an order for 2 Gear reduction scooter motors 350w each 3 days ago. Should’ve went that route from the very beginning. We shall see how that works out.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment, will add stuff as it comes to mind…

Another thing I wanted to mention and this is what this forum is all about…. I did take pictures of my progress and wanted to help others with step by step instructions, but unfortunately the SD card I was using in my phone burnt out. It was only 3 months old and had a lot of other personal pics and videos from 5 years ago (but that’s another story). So unfortunately I won’t be doing that, but if anyone has questions or if I can help in anyway way I can, I’ll try and answer them to the best of my memory.

I did create a channel on YouTube just yesterday and uploaded about 10 videos for you guys to see. I was also able to recover couple of the initial videos since they were uploaded to Facebook before.

Here’s the link to YouTube Channel: ... LQdohZ92eA and couple of pics of the car below. (if it actually uploads)

Sorry for such a long post… and Thank You ALL again. Let me know what you guys think.
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That's awesome. How though are you keeping your axles located? It doesn't seem like a single pivoting link and track bar would do the trick. Am I missing something?
Dg0128 wrote:Thanks... there are 80lbs force gas struts/shocks on each side.
I suppose they are strong enough and there is not enough speed to worry about excessive lean in corners :lol:
Received the 2 gear reduction motors last week. Had some free time on Sunday, so i decided to put them in. There's still more work to be done though. Link is in the way now and needs to be relocated, as well as the old sprocket which needs to go.

Torque is pretty amazing with this setup, gets into turns much easier. Spins rubber tires at times :twisted: Speed is lacking though... dropped to about 6 or 7 mph. New motor sprockets on the way. :lol:
20170827_183452.png (286.39 KiB) Viewed 1094 times
20170827_223059.png (321.54 KiB) Viewed 1094 times
Sweet! 8-)
Its been a while since I've scrolled through. Glad I did! I like where this is going, well done! Welding makes things so much easier :D
Thanks Taz and Toycrusher.... I actually learned a lot from both of you guys even though i never asked questions :) Thanks for sharing your experiences.

And yes, welding does make things easier. (As crappy as it may look lol) Always wanted to try welding and this project finally gave me that opportunity.
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