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My name is Kris and I'm 33 from the UK, and I want to say a warm hello to everyone here.

I have found and joined this forum to seek some help with a soft start system on a hotwheels rally kart.

The story is I have my daughter stay over evry weekend, and I want her to have some cool toys while she is here.

she currently uses a black Chinese 6v ride on car with all the usual lights horn mp3 stereo rc control etc, I have converted it

to 12v using the second battery trick, and it happily goes along at a fast walking pace, but my daughter is starting to get

too big for it, and I went in search of something better for her.

( also there is only so much Chinese jingles and crazey frog music blasting out of 2w speakers as we go down the steet that a man can handle! :roll: )

anyway, I researched and sourced a 12v hotwheels rally kart made by mattel, and bought it without giving it a thorough

checking over before handing over the dosh. I just thought it needed a battery, but I found out it needs more once I delved

into it. And that is why I am here! I am hoping I can be pointed in the right direction as to where to post my plea for help

and what cores of action to take. as my daughter has been asking me when will her blue car be working :(

I have supplied a photo of both my daughters cars.

neither of us can wait to get this little kart working, as it really does look awesome, and I am hoping to find a way to repair

it and get it running safely at 18v for her, she says 12v is too slow now anyway :-)

I'm looking forward to chatting to you guys! :)
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