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Hi there, I'm Ross from the UK but living in France!

I work in IT as a trade, but love to tinker with things, which is what led me here in fact. I'm fairly handy, but electronics is not particularly something I've done a lot with.

I have 3 kids, one of whom is my 3yr old daughter, who I bought this 6v Audi S5 electric car for her recent birthday. This is where it all started...

It was slow as anything. Single motor/ gearbox, 6v. So slow. I thought, for a start I could add 2 gearboxes and motors instead of 1. That would make it at least drive evenly at the back.
$15 off ebay for a set of gearboxes and motors - so that was that bit sorted.

While I was waiting for these to arrive from Hong Kong, I bought a 14.8v lion battery, hooked that up to the single motor and man it flew. But, through the single motor it was very controlled and I burnt out the 1st gear on the box too.

I then thought of other ways I could tinker and so bought 2 RC brushless motors (these in fact: ... 2749.l2649) and have another battery, so roughly 25v in total.

Now, this is where I need the assistance of the true power wheels tinkerers like yourselves.

I would like to strip out the old motors, put in the brushless ones, and hook it all up to the a variable accelerator - I have, I think, most the parts, but don't know what to 1. do about the accelerator and 2. how best to wire this all up?

Does anyone have experience in this?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


You have brushless motors but for a lot of good reading and videos for a 24v upgrade start here:

If your controller takes a hall-effect throttle (I can't tell from the ad and have never used an RC controller) then for a throttle I really like #THR-89 from below: ... ndard.html

This is how I modified it to limit the throttle and make it easier to push.
One of our members offers some very complete kits as well as excellent video instructions. Check them out here

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