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By DannyMcD
Hey everyone, I'm Dan, I've mostly have added lighting to power wheels for my older kids, I've got a young one again, and this one is a non-stop adrenaline junky, literally a mile a minute. So he likes helping me with my autocross car, but he's 3yrs old, so besides holding stuff and spinning the 4-way after I've loosened the lug nuts there's not much else he can do.

So here are the things I'm looking for answers on.

Has anyone used wild thing wheels on a truck power wheel?
Has anyone installed a lift kit?

So here's what I'm eyeing up.

A wamart exclusive 24v gravedigger - if anyone has one of these please give me some feedback on it.

Here's the things I hate:
hearing it will cost too much
hearing it's impossible
hearing yeah but that means you wont be able to .....

Here's the things I like:
hearing doing this would probably work better than your idea
hearing if you do this please do a write up.



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By wired
Hey Dan, Welcome. Anything can be done with enough time, money and effort. Lift kits for jeeps are common and have been done many times. Others require some custom fab work but have also been done. I'm not sure about those wheels but wheel swaps are done. You probably won't find much on that model gravedigger here because it's a newer ride. We do like write ups or build threads because it not only shares your ride with the community but it also helps out the next guy who might want to try and out-do you. Cheers.
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