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Obvious Newb here. But Is this even worth upgrading?

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 12:11 pm
by RepairChick
Hey guys my name is Lisa and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although I just created an account I have been to the forum quite a few times. Anyways a couple of months ago I went to the dumpster and sitting right next to it was a little red Dale Earnhardt Jr PW. It is not in great shape at all but was able to see if it functioned before the battery died (no charger) It's been sitting in storage because of the snow then I bought my 6 year old the new Grave digger for Christmas since it was the 24V, but like most other opinions it is pretty underwhelming stock. So back to the little Monte Carlo I have seen a few posts about the crappy construction of that line and for my first Mod/upgrade I would rather test my skills with a free PW vs. A $400 one. That being said is it even worth the investment to upgrade or should I wait for a jeep or better car to come around? Also I have probably every tool needed for most if not all modifications, also I am fairly mechanically inclined especially for a Chick, but what I lack in knowledge (learning to solder) my husband can advise or complete. Any advice or recommendations are welcomed and I take criticism well, but would would welcome if it was on the constructive side. Thanks in advance for any replies