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Hard to Believe It's Been 12 Years.

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 10:01 am
by Peskimeski
12 Years ago I was semi-active in the old forum. I built a Barbie Trail Rider Quad (not lil quad) that started life as a 6 volt and eventually ended with a 24v set up using a Curtis 1505. I also had a Dora Quad that went to 18v. My daughters are now 20 and 16 and could care less about their old PWs. I do, however have a two year old son and he has 3 half-brothers, ages 6, 9, and 11. So I got the old power wheels out, ordered some batteries, and started cleaning and collecting again. My current stable is a Barbie Mustang (free, disassembled, awaiting paint and a 18 v turbo button install), Two lil quads, a 6v Military Jeep, the two Quads mentioned above (The 24v needs some rewiring and a couple of switches that I pirated from it a few years back) and, my favorite, an Extreme Machine that I just picked up from CL for $40 this last Saturday. I always wanted to buy my girls the Extreme Machine back in the day, but I couldn't justify the cash at the time. It'll be stock while I finish the mustang. Then I'll put my spare Curtis 1505 in it. I'm still figuring out battery placement and looking for a cheap alternative to a 5k ohm pedal. If I remember from years ago, that was an issue then too. I've already been cut-off by the wife, mainly due to lack of storage space.
Anyway, good to see the hobby has taken off a bit in the past 12 years. I wonder how many people are still around from the old days. The problem is that kids age and eventually we have no one to use the PWs we build. Looking forward to getting back into things.