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Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:22 pm
by Gearjammer
Ok so I bought a Jeff Gordon car and am currently in modify stage. Looking to see what would be the best gear box and motors to install for good top end speed and drifting. New to this so any advice would be great. The boxes and motors work but slow as a snail. Thanks

Re: Speed!!!!

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:11 pm
by DJ Kryptonite
Now this is just what I did and in no way the only option.
Also I cann't attest to extreme longevity with this since my daughter has been running the car a year I. 18volts, but it rips and is probably going to wear through the tires drifting it before the gearboxes or motors go. Since we kept the plastic tires which spin so easily, and it's also so easy to get to the motors and gearboxes, I opted to leave them factory. I basically changed out the wiring on the shifter so that in slow. I have a 12v and a 6v batter installed wired to the shifter so that she now gets 6v when in slow and 18v when in fast and 12v when in reverse. I don't have a wire diagram of it but say and played around with the switch terminals and a meter to figure out the setup of the two batteries. If I remember correctly I also had to add one SPST relay to work the way I wanted as described above. I found that with my NASCAR gearboxes and motors, they are handling the power fine. I took them apart, cleaned them and regreawd them before reassembly. The car burns out like crazy on 18v and drifts nicely. For head to head racing she starts off on 6v and slams the shifter down a couple seconds after taking off to go from 6v to 18v which is pretty cool. She feels like a real racer getting to control tire spin off the line and shifting for more I highly recommend the setup and figured I can always go crazy later if I burn out or break anything. Last note, she has a "boost switch" that needs to be active for the 18v to work, other wise everything runs on 6v all the time. That allows for her younger siblings to use the car also. Hope this info helped.