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By PowerWheelFan
Hello All,

My name is James. I'm 14 and I think I am way over my head. My 4year old brother has a Jeep Hurricane Extreme 2017 (sticker back lights) and I wanted to hook it up with a lot of things. To the point where this might be my summer job. I've probably have gone to the ends of the internet looking for information, lurking this forum, youtube, amazon aliexpress, ebay, you name it. Even though there are a lot of "I did this Mod to my PW", which is cool for ideas, often they don't provide useful DIY information like parts used/ordered and How-To's instructions. Which is cool but doesn't help new timers like me and those who don't understand a bit about circuitry and electronics ... also like me. So I've come to post in this forum for help.

Basically, this is the list that I had in mind ... and, it's a lot:

Master Power Key Switch - (replacing the plastic one)
Remote Kill Switch - (just for the motors, sometimes I can't yell loud enough to stop because the car is louder than me)
Radio w/ speakers - bluetooth lepai or kentiger with 2 50w speakers.
Lights - LED Head/Tail, Eagle Eyes the fake fog lights stickers, mini offroad LED lights, RF RGB LED 5050 for underglow and inner car lumination
Horn - Steering wheel momentary switches
Police lights and police sieren
3x 12v 18ah (2 to extend the ride time [future 24v conversion next year when I can buy the motors and gears from mltorys] and 1 for lights/accesories)

Like I said earlier, I don't know much about reading schematics and when I started to try to understand the kill switch one (link: viewtopic.php?t=3488) basically my head exploded trying to understand it how to execute it. I can picture it logically of how it works but without visual aid (like a video or photo) it get lost. :(

Before I get into all the crazy stuff, I decided to start small. So I ordered the police lights first from aliexpress. IIRC it was a 16x2 LED police lights and controller on ebay. When they get here, I plan on using my dremel to cut away at the frame and fit the lights on (after I test externally and stuff).

I don't know. I lurk here a lot and try to learn and try to get inspired by the things that I see and read ... but wow. I feel like I have a billion questions and feel embarrassed because it's like I have to " be helped across the street" the whole entire way of this project.

Anyways, thanks for everyone on this forum for sharing their info on the stuff that I read. It has given me a direction that I hope leads to a successful project.

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By dlgg7
Well, you have to start somewhere! So, maybe before you go and start cutting away at the frame, while your waiting for your stuff to arrive, draw you out a rough diagram for each thing your planning on doing. I don't have one of the hurricanes myself, but envision the size and where you want them at, recessed mount, or top mount? Your wiring can run inside frame-work, or behind plastic body panels. Eagle eyes can be recessed into the fronts of the plastic lights on the vehicle, or you could remove the front, get the sheet of stick-on mirror in automotive at walmart like I did and cut out to mount in the back of the housing with the eagle eye centered in the middle. Your power switch just needs to be located in your positive + lead from the battery, you'd want 12 ga wire. It gets simpler when you take each thing at a time, and go from there. Good luck!
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It's going to be hard to accomplish what you want without first drawing it out in schematic form. Just think of a schematic like a road map... It's really not much different than looking at a road map but the roads are wires and the cars are electrons. Just get the cars where they need to go.

One of the most difficult thing for new modders to grasp I think is relays. I did a brief write up a while back about relays in the 'How stuff works' section. Maybe it'll help.

With your end goal of 24V, you'll need to rewire the car with 10 AWG wire. Immerse yourself in schematics and learn to love them. It'll make your life much easier and you'll come out smarter because of it.
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