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hey all,

Feel like finding this site is going to make my wallet shrink, but it looks like hella fun.
Picked up a free powerwheels jeep for the littleone. Unsure of the vintage, but it's got some miles on it.

New batteries are on the way - safeamp $39.99 SLA 12v9.5ah

After a little reading going with the kill switch. and the relay

Would really like to try and find a variable speed accelerator kit.
Read a little about the ESC kits on here.
What are peoples recommendations... figuring I'll stick with the 12volt system initially till the littleone gets the hang of things.

Is this over kill are their other options ?

Eventually be nice to head to 24volt and those after market gears motors and wheels/tires... better check the bank balance.

What other things would you look at if you were starting to day with what you know now????
What are things to watch out for etc.

How do you tell how old your old Powerwheels unit is
> you go look at find your model and it tells you on the spec for you vehicle.
So I have a 78537-9993 Jeep® Wrangler ... went on sale 2/7/00.. dang this thing has held up pretty well!!

Thanks to everyone who went before and figured this out, so I don't have to re-invent the wheel.
This is looking like it's going to be a bunch of fun I wasn't expecting.

anyone use this site:


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