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By Ron Swanson
Hey All,

I've been snooping around the forum for a year or so and have really gained a lot of information and inspiration from the community. Thank you for all the help you have already given me. I finally signed up for some specific advice but I will start that discussion elsewhere.

I have a wall in my garage dedicated for power wheels parking already but it's running out of room. Grandma keeps bringing home curb finds and I keep saving them from the landfill. Several have been given to neices and nephews but my 5 and 3 year old boy have....

Peg Polaris Outlaw
PW Kawasaki KFX
PW Fire Rescue Jeep
PW Tough Talking Jeep
Disney Princess Cruiser
PW Dune Racer, in progress

I haven't done the crazy awesome thing you guys around here have, only because of fear of ending up divorced. Usually it's just replacing batteries and replacing shifter, steering wheel, gearbox etc. I have also wrapped the rear wheels with bicycle tires with the bead cables snipped off on all but the princess cruiser, that is the one that only gets used if other kids are over and it's the last one left.

I know a lot of guys are anti traction bands, but pros have outweighed the cons at our home. We have a steep hill behind our house that the traction bands make possible, but that is one of the reasons everything has been left at 12v so far. Putting a fuse holder with a 30 amp fuse had saved all the motor and gearboxes so far, the only one I lost is when I tried a 40 amp fuse for a little while and quickly learned it did not provide the needed protection.

I do have access to free replacement batteries from work which has made it worth while to save some of these. I am an electrician and we often have SLA batteries left over from projects from things like fire, security panels emergency inverters etc that would otherwise gobad from sitting on the shelf for ten years.

The Dune Racer I am wanting to try 18v I think without traction bands once I am finished painting. I will probably run stock motors until they fry but I'm not ready for that yet. My 5 year old is ready for more speed, but my 3 year old isn't, so the Dune Racer is good because the 3 year old is too small to reach the pedals.

Anyways.... I'm rambling but just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks.


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