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By Rick and Shorty
Hey guys, been reading post here for a while now. It's time to contribute...
I started a channel on YouTube to show off some of my tips tricks, and builds.
Our current project is a Dune Racer that was trashed.
I have a Kickstarter for my Empowerd Wheels: Stomper. Its a cool pedal cover/extension that works for all honeycomb patterned pedals.

My YouTube channel is: Rick and Shorty ... cvz08ssKgg

Next on my build is to install traction parts that will not destroy the gears, but also save the wheels.

We are also going to show the current battery mod using the trusty Ryobi One+.

Later on we will be installing the double DeWalt 20v in parallel. (this may turn into a different brand depending on design challenges).

The variable throttle will be on the list as well.

Adding headlights, a rear cargo rack, and paint are the last for this buggy.

We are looking to move on to the Barbie Jeep by February. Ill keep all of you posted! Don't be shy ask questions here, or on my YouTube channel!

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